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In fact, if you give a value to your time spent on the project, and figure you should get minimum wage for that time, you will probably lose money. The computer must see voltages that it considers as “low”.

Though it looks like Patrick Kelly has been keeping it current. On some late model vehicles, disconnecting the battery may result in driveability or other problems. Select the manufacturing year, then model.


This resets the ECU back to its factory settings. When I checked the output it was either nothing or just a static frequency. Some cars get check engine lights after a mere muffler change!

Some vehicles may have 2 bank sensors. Meyer Lawton Boyce and many more.

The IAT is less sensitive to cold start issues. You can then bump it up some, but I bet you’ll end up around or mv or so.


In recent years, a new type of sensor has come out, the wide band oxygen sensor and EFIEs are not designed to work with some of them. This means it etie more quickly jump back into full operation if the car is re-started again after a short stop.

However, assuming that your vehicle is in good shape, the check engine light will probably come on for one reason: These are the basics. When using the EFIE in temperate climates, it operates normally and can be expected to maintain a steady and reproducible voltage offset.

Complete installation instructions are given below.

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This device will work with these too. If it isn’t, check your cooling system for contamination or stuck thermostat. Your ScanGauge or another scanner may help in identifying the error code see error guide below. When you click on each of the small photos, a larger photo will be displayed.

It dumps gas into the mix dd17 an attempt to get d71 oxygen reading in the exhaust equal to its earlier, inefficient setup.

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It has proven to cause more confusion in users, than it has been of use, and it’s just not needed in a modern EFIE.

The factory ECU is programmed for the factory hardware. You can use the following procedure to narrow down which wire is which:. It then reverts to Look-Up tables for its source of information. I recommend that this pot never be touched except by advanced users.


I tried 2 clicks mv and 4 clicks mv and had similar results I know because my economy always falls to A higher VREF will retard timing. You should solder them and use heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections from other wires.

You should dfie much better luck with it if you can precisely set it. Due to his ethics level no “secrets” held back and his high level of hands-on knowledge, I have chosen Mike Kehrli to be our expert on tuning the ECU.

The plans can be found on the Internet: Note that the bottom photos show the newest version of the circuit board.

The signal coming from the O2 sensor needs to be adjusted to compensate for the increased fuel efficiency being achieved. The circuit board series and the Basic series are the d117. A parallel circuit offers 2 paths of travel for the voltage. I think that D17 unit should work.

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