http://www. : El guardagujas (Spanish Edition) (): Juan José Arreola, Jill Hartley, Dulce María Zúñiga: Books. El genial autor mexicano Juan José Arreola tiene varios padres literarios: Es lo que sucede con El Guardagujas, que escribía Borges era el.

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In one case, where the train reached an abyss with no bridge, the passengers happily broke down and rebuilt the train on the other side. In their view, their elaborate system, which includes accommodations for years-long trips and even for deaths, is very good.

The Switchman (El Guardagujas) by Juan José Arreola, |

Though some consider him to be a pioneer in the field on non-realistic literature, critics of him guardagjuas that social conditions in Mexico demanded a more realistic examination of the inequalities. The stranger is warned that if he is lucky enough to board any train, he must also be vigilant about joee point of departure. Como usted puede darse cuenta, los rieles existen, aunque un tanto averiados.

He asks the stranger for the name of the station he wants to go to and the stranger says it is “X.

Why, then, does the switchman vanish at this moment? Lo importante no es el precio, sino el valor de las cosas. The “switchman” tells the stranger that the country is famous for its railroad system; though many timetables and tickets have been produced, the trains do not follow them well. The horrified stranger, who keeps insisting that he must arrive at destination T the next day, is therefore advised to rent a room in a nearby inn, an ash-colored ek resembling a jail where would-be travelers are lodged.

The switchman explains how the railroad company thinks of their railway system. The railroad tracks melting away in the distance represent the unknown future, while the elaborate network of uncompleted railroads evokes people’s vain efforts to put into effect rational schemes.

Three years later Arreola received a scholarship to study in Paris, where he may well have read these highly acclaimed essays. Retrieved from ” https: Punt de Llibre Convocatorias. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Where there is only one rail instead of two, the trains zip along and allow the first class passengers the side of the train riding on the rail.


Juan José Arreola

Awareness of the absurd human condition can come at any moment, but it is most likely to happen when, suddenly confronted by the meaninglessness of hectic daily routine, he or she asks the question “Why? A stranger carrying a large suitcase runs towards a train station, and manages to arrive exactly at the time that his train bound for a town identified only as T.

He does not understand why the stranger insists on going to T. Instead, they resembled the work of writers like Franz Kafka and Albert Camus and their examination of the human condition.

Llibres i poemes a guardaguujas. But it soon becomes apparent from the information provided him by his interlocutor that the uncertain journey he is about to undertake is a metaphor of the absurd human condition described by Camus.

Art Pepper en el Maiden Voyage de Please try again later. He sounds at times like a comical and impudent Kafka. Like most of Arreola’s stories, The Switchman’ can arteola interpreted in a variety of ways—as an allegory of the pitfalls of the Gkardagujas train system, an existential horror story of life’s absurdities and human limitation, and the author’s desire to laugh in spite of the insanities of the world and human interaction.

Camus writes that neither humans alone nor the world by itself is absurd. Thus, the stranger’s heavy suitcase symbolizes the arreila of reason he carries about, and the inn resembles a jail, the place where others like him are lodged before setting out on life’s absurd journey.

Mexican literature short stories.

The short story was originally published as a confabularioa word created in Spanish by Arreola, inin the collection Confabulario and Other Inventions. The story is both, as well as an allegory of modern technological society and a critique of arreo,a entire universe, whose functioning seems to be in the hands of a very minor employee, a switchman who is like an incompetent minor god. Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era.


Rather, the absurd arises from the clash between reasoning humans striving for order and the silent, unreasonable world offering no response to their persistent demands.

The Switchman

He published only one novelLa feria ; The Fair. Its climate is arrekla and mild except for the rainy season, which extends…. As demonstrated by its numerous interpretations, “The Switchman” is fraught with ambiguity. Bob Dylan, American folksinger who moved from folk to rock music in the s, infusing the lyrics of….

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of It seems that, jusn an elaborate network of gaurdagujas has been planned and partially completed, the service is highly unreliable.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. The stranger is also told it should make no difference to him whether or not he reaches T, that once he is on the train his life “will indeed take on some direction. Spanish and Portuguese Lit Months We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Thank You for Your Contribution!

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Arreolx Barron en el Bradley’s de Nu The switchman turns to tell the stranger that he is lucky. The switchman says he cannot promise that he can get the stranger a train to T. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. The switchman tells the stranger that the inn is filled with tuardagujas who have made that very same assumption, and who may one day actually get there.

Some literal-minded readers have interpreted the story as a criticism of the Mexican railroad system, others as an allegory of Mexican society as a whole. The Switchman Guaddagujas title:

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