This article purports to cast new light on the sources of inspiration for Julio Cortázar’s pivotal story ‘El perseguidor’. In particular, it aims to. El perseguidor: Julio Cortázar: The main character of “El perseguidor” (“The Pursuer”), one of the stories in Las armas secretas, embodies many of the traits of . Brenes Reyes, p. 1 Improvisation and Writing: Julio Cortázar’s ‘El Perseguidor’ and the Pursuit for Freedom Jaime R. Brenes Reyes In the words of Argentine.

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Bruno becomes more specific in his comparison of Johnny Carter to Jesus Christ toward the end of the story. Tica, Johnny, and Baby Lennox all move back to New York soon after this, and Bruno decides not to confuse his audience by making any changes to the second edition of Johnny’s biography.

Although Bruno seems to have less sympathy for the women in Johnny’s life, in many ways they seem to be hunted intensely, since Johnny has a tendency to abandon them once he has successfully caught them. The character of Johnny Carter is modeled after jazz musician Charlie Parker. Many black musicians began to be dissatisfied with the strict forms of big band or “swing” music during the s, however, and bands with a new sound known as “bebop” began to earn a reputation because of their radical rhythms and experimental tonality.

Although Bruno admits that he is an “egoist” trying to protect his “idea” of Johnny, he later comes to recognize that Johnny is often the “hunter” chasing and tormenting his biographer.

Without knowing it, and not like he was making great speeches from the gallows or writing books denouncing the evils of mankind or playing the piano with the air of someone washing away the sins of the world.

The Pursuer

Since then she has given him money, sometimes slept with him, shot up heroin with him, and used her unique ability to calm him down and provide comfort when he has needed it.

Regardless of Johnny’s insistence that Bruno remove the religious references from the biography, Bruno decides to leave the second and subsequent editions of the biography as is, without trying to revise it in accordance with Johnny’s criticisms of how he and his music have been represented. Tica is both an enabler for Johnny’s drug addictionsince she df the person who most frequently supplies perseguidkr with heroin, and a sophisticated and generous friend that often saves him in social situations.

Parker, like Johnny, was able to move in and out of normal understandings of time and rhythm in order to create an entirely new understanding of music. Parker’s debut in Paris was a tremendous success, and during the following five years he met with a mix of triumphs and disastrous failures due to his personal problems.


Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Berkeley and Los Angeles: One of the prodigious musicians of the twentieth century, Parker is often considered to have almost single-handedly created the style of bebop. Indeed, Bruno seems to understand more about Johnny’s real self than anyone else, which is perhaps why Johnny considers him such a great friend.

Taking the final months in the life of the prodigious jazz musician Johnny Carter as its subject, the story is in many ways an exploration of the career and personal life of the famous alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, the most influential fe of the style of jazz perseguidr known as bebop.

Confusing reality with fiction, Bruno mentions an interview with Miles Davisthe famous jazz trumpeter who played with Charlie Parker during the peak of his career in New York.

El perseguidor

Also, Bruno is one of the people who is always taking care of Johnny and giving him what he needs. Paris and other major European cities were the origin of many of these ideas, but writers from all over the Hispanic world participated in them. The capitalist individual moves persetuidor to the clock and due dates, as in the case of Bruno, the jazz critic writing for the newspaper.

Bruno does not follow any commonly accepted standard of dramatic unity or narrative structure and insists on using awkward verb structures. Johnny is fascinated corazar the glimpse of transcendence he gets through his music, and profoundly frustrated by his inability to put it into words. Johnny pursues a new definition and realm of possibility in art, and he pursues his friends as well; in his struggle to find what he is looking for with his prodigious music, he hunts and exposes his friends’ weaknesses.

Later in his life, he married the Canadian writer Carol Dunlap. They have to keep living in order to solve them, in order to get to the secret. Bruno enters, calculating that they have not seen each other in a month. Bruno later suggests, however, that the theme of pursuit is more complex than this.

El perrseguidor, el dos, el tres, el veintiuno. Johnny cannot grasp the conventional conception of time that guides everyday reality: Blackburn’s translation does shift into different tenses, but it avoids the repetitive use of the present tense of “haber,” or “to have,” “he, has, ha, hemos, han” that is so striking in the original Spanish.

The Pursuer |

Bruno’s entire career is, in a sense, based on “pursuing” Johnny and Johnny’s musical talent. Improvisation, in the content of the story, as writing technique, and the impact upon the reader, has important consequences to understand reality and open doors for the liberation of the creative process.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Parker suffered a number coetazar major breakdowns, due to his psychological illnesses and drug addictions, and spent a six-month term in a state hospital in One of the first barriers the reader encounters, as well as one of the most important, is the divide between the fictional world of the story and the real world of the s Parisian bebop scene, particularly the real life of Charlie Parker.


As Sommer notes her article in “Pursuing cortasar Perfect Present,” “The Pursuer” constantly draws fl to its departure from typical past tense narrative by using a “clumsy,” “redundant,” and “anxious present perfect tense.

What was wrong with the book? Siglo Veintiuno Editores, The fact that Johnny loses his saxophone on the Metro, where he can fit fifteen minutes of life into a two minute journey, supports this claim and suggests that Johnny’s perseguodor does not consist of the music itself, but what the music enables him to uncover about philosophy and art. Finding the red dress she is wearing during the opening scene repulsive, Bruno notices that she has “gotten older.

At the same time, Johnny struggles with his own limits, always catching glimpses of a revelation he can never fully fathom, playing music that carries him far beyond the boundaries of conventional forms but into a land that he can only stutter about brokenly upon his return.

Bruno calls him a “teahead,” or a marijuana smoker, and he sometimes feels sorry for him because Johnny has let him down in Paris. For example, one of his chief interests is in the relationship between the critic and the artist; critics like Bruno must pursue and clarify the truth or the nature of the artist so that the art itself can be comprehended.

El perseguidor | work by Cortázar |

Bruno finds out that he was at Tica’s place and likely died of a severe drug overdose. However, Bruno in the end expresses a certain ambivalence about his role in relationship to Johnny and Johnny’s music.

Although her name is Tica, Bruno often refers e, Johnny’s friend and sometime lover, the wife now separated of a marquis, as “The Marquesa. His depiction of the tensions between the critic and the artist, the theme of pursuit in art and life, and newly emerging philosophies of time and space, have earned “The Pursuer” a place among the classic texts of post-World-War-II literature.

Johnny is repeatedly described by Bruno as a sort of angel or a god.

Johnny’s youngest daughter with Lan, Bee dies of pneumonia perseguldor Chicago. He describes Johnny as “this angel who’s like my brother, this brother who’s like my angel.

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