In January , British cryptographers deciphered a telegram from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to the German Minister to. : El telegrama Zimmermann: % Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. : El telegrama Zimmermann () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.

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Telegrama Zimmermann

They were reliant on the United States to transmit Zimmermann’s note to its final destination, but the message’s unencrypted contents would be deeply alarming to the Americans. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Germany had long sought to incite a war between Mexico and the United States, telergama would have tied down American forces and slowed the export of American arms to the Allied Powers.

Meanwhile, the British discussed possible cover stories: The Germans were encouraged by their successes on the Eastern Front into believing that they would be able to divert large numbers of troops to the Western Front in support of their goals. Mexico and the United States in the Oil Controversy, — Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Era, — On 1 February Germany announced resumption of “unrestricted” submarine warfare, an act which led the United States to break off diplomatic relations telsgrama Germany on 3 February.

El telegrama a México que definió la suerte de la Primera Guerra Mundial

This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Many Americans wished to avoid the conflict in Europe. US Naval Institute Press. Wilson released the text to the telegrwma on 28 February Bell was at first incredulous telebrama thought it to be a forgery.

However, neither cable ran directly to the United States. Public opinion demanded action. The German provocations were partially successful. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. The Life and Letters of Walter H. Here the signals were boosted for the long trans-oceanic jump by radio. Page then reported the story to President Woodrow Wilsonincluding details to be verified from telegraph company files in the United States.


El telegrama a México que definió la Primera Guerra Mundial | Tele 13

The Codebreakers of World War I. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The Politics of Property Rights: The telegram instructed Ambassador Eckardt that if the United States appeared certain to enter the war, he was to approach the Mexican Government with a proposal for military alliance tekegrama funding from Germany.

Disclosure of the Telegram would sway public opinion in the United States ek Germany, provided the Americans could be convinced it was genuine.

Archived telegeama the original PDF on September 2, On 6 AprilCongress voted to declare war on Germany ; Wilson had asked Congress for “a war to end all wars ” that would “make the world safe for democracy”. The document is believed to be the actual telegram shown to the American ambassador in London in Marked in Admiral Hall’s handwriting at the top of the document are the words: Any doubts as to the authenticity of the telegram were removed by Arthur Zimmetman himself.

Hall waited three weeks. Mexico and Its Heritage.

zimemrman In Room 40, Nigel de Grey had partially deciphered the telegram by the next day. Mexico and the United States, Volume 3. The settlement in detail is left to you. Views Read Edit View history. Bernstorff, Count Johann Heinrich On 1 FebruaryGermany began unrestricted submarine warfare against all ships in the Atlantic bearing the American flag, both passenger and merchant ships. Woodrow Wilson ordered the military invasion of Veracruz in in the context of the Ypiranga Incident and against the tepegrama of the British government.

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Once Bell was convinced the message was genuine, he became enraged. News of the telegram further inflamed tensions between the United States and Mexico. Eckardt indignantly rejected these accusations, and the Foreign Office eventually declared the embassy exonerated. The Japanese government later released a statement that Japan was not interested in changing sides and attacking America.


Privately, the British needed to give the Americans the cipher so that the United States government could verify the authenticity of the message independently with their own commercial telegraphic records; however the Americans agreed to back the official cover story.

Criptograma de la Primera Guerra Mundial

This presented the Wilson administration with a dilemma. As a cover story, the British could publicly claim that their agents had stolen the telegram’s deciphered text in Mexico. The British knew that the German Embassy in Washington would relay the message by commercial telegraph, so the Mexican telegraph office would have the ciphertext.

However, after the discovery of this document, the GCHQ official historian said: This belief, which was not restricted to pacifist and pro-German lobbies, was promoted by German and Mexican diplomats and by some American newspapers, especially the Hearst press empire.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Uncle Sam Wants You: President Wilson agreed to this, in the belief that such cooperation would sustain continued good relations with Germany, and that more efficient German-American diplomacy teleegrama assist Wilson’s goal of a negotiated end to telegrxma war.

In Octoberit was reported that an original typescript of the deciphered Zimmermann Telegram had recently been discovered by an unnamed historian who was researching and preparing an official history of the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters GCHQ.

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