José Saramago narra el insólito viaje del elefante Salomón a través de la Europa del siglo XVI. Una aventura épica llena de humanidad, humor y sabiduría. El viaje del elefante (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A mediados del siglo XVI el rey Juan III ofrece a. Buy El Viaje Del Elefante by Jose Saramago from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Yes, this is a book of historical fiction. It’s a shame that photography had not yet been invented in the sixteeth century, because saramaog solution would have been easy as pie, we would simply have included a few photos from the period, especially if taken from a helicopter and readers would then have every reason to consider themselves amply rewarded and to recognize the extraordinary informative nature of our enterprise. Even though he has at least one more book to offer us after this one, there was a passage saramag the end of The Elephant’s Journey that seemed particularly fitting to me.

Estamos regidos por D. As I read about the passage of the archduke and his cortege in their passage through the snowy Alps I was filled with foreboding. Want to Read saving….

This is the fl of the book. One is entirely taken up with the plight of this elephant, an animal of the tropics, being forced through a snowy rocky landscape. Maximillian arrogantly renames the elephant from Solomon to Suleiman and the mahout to an inappropriate “Fritz”. For all of Saramago’s stylistic saraamgo, this book still has the feel of a too-long anecdote. In fact, I was kose to go for the third star but when I looked at what rating I had given the other six Saramago books I’ve readI had to knock it down to two, as I definitely liked The Cave better and that only got three.

Houve partes que me pareceram por demais familiares, como se esta obra de Saramago existisse em todas as coisas. She has earned her dlefante. E depois temos esta Viagem do Elefante. Notes on reading the book. Do ellefante know the way Then, given Saramago’s reputation, you feel tempted to start again.


This reviewer is sorry to report that while this is an interesting example of how good authors can pluck good stories out of thin air, there was nothing here that was of real interest to him, in terms of engaging characters, historical significance or even a good yarn.

El Viaje Del Elefante

The reason this is getting two stars is that It pains me a bit to give a Saramago book such a low rating, but of the seven of his that I’ve read, this was clearly the one I liked the least.

I still look forward to working my way through the rest of his bibliography. I saw him clearly, sitting in an old comfortable chair in a dimly-lit room, talking in a gravelly voice, telling the story of Solomon the elephant, a wedding gift from a king to an archduke, and the long journey that brought him from Portugal through the Alps and finally to Vienna.

I do not like such writing. The last we see of Subhro, he has reclaimed his name, is riding viajd on a mule, on a journey he never completes trailing a donkey who bears a wooden box containing all the possessions that mahout possesses.

Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize Anyways, enough of my personal Saramago rating history. The Elephant’s Journey doesn’t make me look any less fondly on Jose Saramago, it is simply his book I have liked the least.

Saraago was having some snacks at a restaurant, when he noticed some engravings of an elephant on the walls. There was no narrative arc that I could detect, unless sxramago count the climb upwards through the Alps.

His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned dwl.

I chose to listen to this book because it does not employ the normal rules of punctuation. Here is a wonderful story, especially, I think, if you have a deep connection to animals. Soooooo instead, I figured the narrator of this audio book could do the reading for me! Como ponto alto elejo a amizade cornaca-elefante. Or, somewhat more tediously, scroll through the list of 86 editions to …more It is on Goodreads.

Paragraphs and rules of punctuation help a reader understand what is being said. One bit of interesting subtext occurs when the Archduke and his cortege make their way through the dangerous Brenner Pass.

It’s not that I disliked it. It is a beguiling book, saaramago language is so beautiful, it is witty and humouros but it is not a great book, just a really enjoyable one.


It must be said that history is always selective, and josr too, selecting from life only what society deems to be historical and scorning the rest, which is precisely where we might find the true explanation of facts, of things, of wretched reality itself. For this reason, The Elephant’s Journey is probably not for everyone.

Perhaps not an outright liar, but clever and inventive when it comes to filling in lacunae; while describing the beauty of the mountains through which the elephant travels, and clearly never having visited the location as any writer worthy of the name would surely do he impliesSaramago wriggles neatly out of any precise description: The reason this is getting elefanre stars is that frankly it was saamago bit boring.

He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party.

El Viaje Del Elefante by José Saramago

Unless some lucky scholar hits paydirt, I’m afraid we’ll never know. One particular slow day on the hazardous journey, a daydream temporarily carries subhro far off into the land of heroic deeds where he imagines himself being lauded by the entire Austrian court, but soon reality revealed itself to ell exactly as it was, himself hunched on the elephant’s back, almost invisible beneath the snow, the desolate image of the defeated conqueror, demonstrating yet again how close the tarpeian rock is to the capitoline hill, on the latter they crown you with laurels and from the former they fling you down, all glory vanished, all honour lost, to the place where you will leave your wretched bones.

To ask other readers questions about El Viaje Del Elefanteplease sign up. Trivia About A Viagem do Elefante. The end is both picaresque and that of a fairy tale. A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. Yet there was no apparent need for this longevity.

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