This paper will examine Elfriede Jelinek’s () celebrated novel, Die Klavierspielerin(), as a narrative that deploys the close link. Elfriede Jelínek’s Die Klavierspielerin. Erika, die Heideblume. Von dieser Blume hat diese Frau den Namen. Ihrer. Mutter schwebte vorgeburtlich etwas Scheues. This essay discusses Elfriede Jelinek’s complex relation to music from both or in her most famous novel, Die Klavierspielerin (English title: The Piano Teacher.

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The Piano Teacher

Thematically this novel seems more like a psychological study of an extremely deviated personality r This is a tough one to rate and review. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Recommended to Dolors by: Non deve pensare ad altro che a quelle cinque linee nere. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Childhood memories are retold throughout the novel and their effects on the present suggested—for instance, the memory of a childhood visit from her cousin, an attractive and athletic young man, whom Erika’s mother praised while she makes her daughter practice piano, results in Erika’s self-mutilation. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. View all 19 comments.

But there’s a jack-knifed wheeler of a The opposite sex always wants the exact opposite. This is not bad literature, klagierspielerin I think it is pretty overrated. And Jelinek excels in making the reader uncomfortable.

Musically Trained Torture: Violence and Pleasure in Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Klavierspielerin

That includes the sex, and the sexual build up, and the sexual reasoning, and the sexual genders, and the sexual expectations of said genders, and the sexual expectations of who controls whom, and for how long, and what goes where, and how the violence is to be rendered, and the methods by which the violations are to be conducted, and what gets mixed up in the mind and sludges itself down into the genitals, and the pain.

Write a customer review. This page was last edited on 8 Januaryat Though the abuse is different. Erika senses her comfortably familial balance of power threatened by this golden and athletic man, who is ten years her junior and an admirer of Norman Mailerand resists the temptation of seeking hope and redemption.


Show, not tell, remember? While the English work was titled The Piano Teacherthe title in German means the piano player ; it is also clear that the player is female because of the noun’s feminine ending. I was perfectly honest about my dislike of The Wasp Factory for its silly, gratuitous violence. Visceral, explosive, descriptive in a horrifying, yet also curiously enticing manner, the novel presents a massively cracked and crumbling, distorted mirror of society not just Austrian society, but society in general and how stranglingly vigorous and seemingly impossible to fray and sever the patriarchal structures and fibres of power and might are and continue to be and how they consume and infiltrate everything and everyone In many ways, Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Klavierspielerin is amazing.

Jelinek writes in perfect compact sentences; streamlining and buffing those collection of words between periods to contain only what is needed, nothing more. Retrieved from ” https: Aside from the fact that the exclusive bond between mother and daughter remains uninterrupted and maternal domination obstructed, his displacement suggests the cause for Erika’s failed separation from the mother and her excessive masochistic drive.

She gets under my skin the moment I start reading. Mother’s overbearing need to control her one child must be the result of a deep trauma in her own life. She tortures, taunts, cowers. Erika Kohut, the piano teacher, is a deeply disturbed woman trapped in an obsessive love-hate relationship with her sickly controlling mother, maximum manifestation of a tainted society, who deprived Erika from her childhood, from her self-respect and her independence because of a perverse and selfish fixation for her daughter to become a talented musician, creating an unnatural bond between the two women, which leads to the complete annulment of Erika as a human being.

View all 11 comments. Lo dico sempre, certe cose uhhh possono essere narrate solo dalle donne. But also, what Walter needed Erika to do, was to react to him in a reciprocal way, and I don’t think we should condemn him for feeling repulsed by Erika’s demands beyond that we might condemn him for being judgmental, because in Erika’s scenario, as he voices the result himself: She packs those sentences full with minor motifs, brilliant characterization, startling imagery and sends them hurtling through the narrative.

The Piano Teacher (Jelinek novel) – Wikipedia

She is also even less able than Walter to initiate loving, mutually reciprocal relations when it comes to love or sex. Una musica angosciante, sordida e disperata.


They cannot come out anymore, no matter where Erika cuts herself, because she has had to build a wall around them. Just as much as Erika’s mother is suffocatingly present, so is her father noticeably absent. It is worth the moments of frustration.

Not Enabled Screen Reader: Another interpretation of Erika’s behavior, which I think is also plausible and does not necessarily collide with my interpretationis that masochism is ultimately manipulative behaviour, which seems to fit, because the submissive seems to believe that they are procuring love with their submissive behaviour, but this argument loses me in the extension that the ‘sub’ in a sadomasochistic relationship, is actually per se the dominating partner.

Erika, tu credi che io non sappia dove jslinek stata. Ma sicuramente di pregio. The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek. Where to draw the line between the guilty and the innocent?

jelnek Anyway, the real issue here This book was, to borrow someone else’s phrasing, punishingly unendurable. All of her receptors are malfunctioning. Read more Read less. After all, she is an intelligent, talented woman who can write unbearably painful, yet eloquent and sophisticated prose.

Mother smacks away at the loosened hairdo of the late-season fruit of her womb. Our main character, a piano teacher living with her hovering parasite of a mother, experiences personal destruction and the conflation of sex and romantic pleasure with pain. This orifice of mine is not just mine, but someone else’s; it can’t tell me I cut myself with razors and bleed out, I consume it back, which is me, part of me, it is mine.

This book was, to borrow someone else’s phrasing, punishingly unendurable. But more than technique is needed to be a concert pianist. I wish I had more quotes to include, but I was too busy leaving the Coast to avoid Irma and I left my copy. The novel is unrelenting in its characterization, giving no quarter to any of the main characters:

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