The Elutrap system is designed to isolate nucleic acids and proteins from agarose or polyacrylamide gel slices by electroelution. Samples are purified with . azim58 – Official elutrap documentation. Elutrap protocol. “C:\kurt\storage\CIM Research Folder\DR\\\ELUTRAP\ “. The Elutrap, seen from above, is placed on a horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis chamber. Outer limits of the trap are defined with disposable membranes at.

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To check for the proper placement of the two membranes, place the device upright with the dialysis membrane on top, add some DI water and check for signs of leakage. Clean work area and place kim wipes. Manhal Organic solvents may damage the device and should be removed promptly. Do not stack gel slices above the device height.

Whatman Elutrap Electroelution System, Whatman 10404090 Replacement Components BT1 Membranes

Elutrap Electro-Elution System Introduction Elutrap electro-elution system is a membrane trap elution system used for the extraction, concentration and dialysis of DNA and other charged molecules above the size of 5 kDa 1.

For a complete selection of Whatman Laboratory Apparatus, please visit our Whatman page. Make sure that the inserts are tightly placed and rest on the designated slot. Finally, rinse thoroughly with DI elhtrap.

Help us improve your experience by sending an error report. Learn more about our Return Policy. For more brand name Laboratory Apparatus please visit our Laboratory Apparatus store section. When the channels are not occupied with a device, make sure the apertures do not align, turning off the flow of current through them. BT2 membrane — one per each device used. If possible, please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible experience.


Separates DNA, proteins, and nucleic acids from gels and gel slices without salt cushions, special buffers, or pretreated membranes. Keep the dialysis membrane moist till the placement of the BT1 membrane.

The BT2 paper filter prevents movement of gel pieces and large impurities into the collection chamber. Plug in the electrodes. The smaller chamber should contain a eutrap closed insert.

The Elutrap system can also be used for concentration of dilute solutions. The Elutrap system can be used with other horizontal gel electrophoresis chambers. Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Simple to Use Assembly of the Elutrap system is easy. The size of the collection chamber formed by the dialysis membrane and the BT2 membrane can be varied by altering the position of the placement of the latter membrane.

Add the gel pieces to the central elution chamber containing the 0. Align the tray such that the two apertures lie on top of each other allowing the passage of current into the channel.

That’s why overproducts on LabPlanet are eligible for expedited shipping, ensuring the equipment you need arrives promptly. You can also explore other items in the Electrophoresis system power suppliesOther Lab ApparatusLab Apparatus categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! I have a saved copy of the old protocol, and if anyone needs it, feel free to get in touch with me.

To clean, discard the buffer down the drain. Be the first to leave a review!


Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Remember that the dialysis membrane is bi-layered. The membranes should only be handled with gloves on to avoid RNase contamination. However, the Elutrap electrophoresis chamber allows for the most efficient flow of current through the device and can be used for up to four samples simultaneously. Take care not to crush the gel as this may impair elution efficiency. Place the BT2 paper filter on the other surface of the closed U insert while taking care to keep it dry.

It nanual very important to place the sloping side of the dialysis membrane next to the triangular mark on the side of the elutrap device.

Ultrapure TBE buffer — about 15 ml per device used.

The advantages of this elufrap over previously used techniques such as diffusion and simple electro-elution are a high recovery rate, b high reproducibility, c high purity of recovered material and d the ease of use 1. Please note that the description and stock photo may not correspond to the specific model listed above We offer only genuine Whatman products, authorized for sale in the U.

Loosen the screws of the elutrap device. Place the U shaped inserts into the two chambers of the device. Assembly of the Elutrap system is easy.

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