FCOM 1 LIghtings, Doors, General Quiz · FCOM 2 Air Systems Quiz · FCOM 3 Anti Ice and Rain Quiz · FCOM 4 Automatic Flight Quiz · FCOM 5 Communications. FCOM AIRBUS A | Rating: 5! Documents. FCOM Airbus A → Size: MB. → Date: 3 years ago ( ). → Author: AIRBUS. → Uploaded. I found a FCOM for the BLR/F/ER! THIS ISNT MY UPLOAD! Cool – I found the Emirates FCOM too. Seems lots like to leak:P.

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The senior cabin crewmember, sitting opposite her, confirmed that the cabin crewmember was hanging in her seat harness after the impact. Download Toyota 2nz fe repair manual. I found this on google!

It was Emirates 1st ever aircraft hull loss. All of the cabin crewmembers stated that the flight was normal with some turbulence during the final part of the landing.

We expect a delay of four hours on the dates of our travels across the network. Him all Apologies ifmthis has been posted but did search but couldn’t find my answer. All pax and crew survived without serious injuries.

Emirates Boeing crashed on landing at Dubai » JACDEC

The autopilot was disconnected at feet AGL, the approach continued with autothrottle engaged. Study Provides manual control of the flight deck trim air modulating valve. United Arab Fvom Flight phase: Range with passengers in a three-class passenger configuration: Cabin crewmembers seated towards the rear of the Aircraft indicated that they thought the main landing gear contacted the runway only for the Aircraft to become airborne again until it impacted the runway.


A detailed examination was performed of the Aircraft evacuation systems, including the operation of emergency escape slides in a non-normal aircraft resting position, and the effects of wind on the escape slides. For more information, please check the full report on the GCAA website. However, the appendices of the preliminary report show a page out of the Flight Crew Operating Manual see below describing the go around procedure and stating: Getting Boeing Fcom Manual is easy and simple.

Page 1 of About 5 seconds later the right main gear’s weight on wheel sensors triggered about meters past the runway threshold followed by the left main gear’s weight on wheel sensor 3 seconds after the right hand main gear, the nose landing gear remained airborne.

The two fire fighters, who had laid out the sidelines, were wrapping up the sidelines, when the aircraft’s fuel center tank exploded killing one of the fire fighters. Iam going for emirates as well!! It has happened in the past that we get served legal notices to remove this stuff from mega corporations.

Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time. Tower cleared the aircraft to land and reported the winds from degrees at 11 knots and instructed the crew to vacate the runway via taxiway M9.

All occupants evacuated via slides, 13 passengers received minor injuries, 10 were taken to hospitals, 3 treated at the airport. A total of 13 people were treated for minor injuries.


Airbus A380

The aircraft made ground contact again, skidded along the runway with the right hand engine separating from the aircraft but still being dragged along with the aircraft until the aircraft came to a full stop. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x It’s a link to a download? This topic is now closed to further replies. Flight Simulation’s Premier Resource!

Boeing Boeing By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Aug 3rd The position of the aircraft is described near the end of the runway.

The cabin crewmembers at positions L1A and R1A reported ccom their seats had moved forward during the impact, and the cabin crewmember at the R5 door reported that a cabin panel had detached and fell in front of the door exit. Is the documentation http: The moment aircraft slid to a stop. These components included portions of the engine cowlings, secondary support structures and parts of the wing to body fairings, access panel doors, and systems components.

Boeing Flight Manual.

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On Aug 8th a passenger reported in the reader comments on AVH below, that the approach was normal, the emiratea gear was down. COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

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