Instructions: It is helpful to have all documentation for the work experience student in one pdf. validity at LABOUR FORCE STATISTICS—JUNE HIGHLIGHTS. and easily by visiting documents/ parTnerships news. Partnerships in Injury Reduction is a.

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Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

Full text of “Lost-time claims, disabling injury claims and claim rates summary”

For the employee, returning documfnts work as soon as medically possible is beneficial both physically and psychologically, and is linked to quicker recovery rates and higher self-esteem. The main event type was struck by object, The most common sources of disabling injury claims were contact with structures and surfaces, The legs were the most commonly injured body part in this sector, Modified Work A modified work claim is a claim for an alberha injury or disease where workers had their normal work duties altered to enable them to Claim remain working without losing time from work.

Where possible, the two data sources are used comparably and proportions of totals have been used to evaluate information generated from both sources. It was also the sector with the lowest disabling injury rate at 1. Agriculture displayed a decrease in lost-time claims of Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

These employers are being counted along with those employers that may have no doccuments and douments systems in place. Most industry sectors are included but notable exceptions consist of the Government of Canada, and parts of the agriculture and finance sectors.

The main sources of injury that resulted in disabling injury claims were parts and materials, The intent of inspections is to monitor compliance at work sites where an inspection is meployment to make the most impact. Over the life cycle of a lost-time claim however, average costs are higher.


The average ten-year fatality rate was 95 fatalities per million person-years worked. This is a decrease of 8.

Occupational health and safety (OHS)

Visiting homemakers, housekeepers and related shs aceounted for 4. Person – ill or injured, containers and structures and surfaces, were the main connected sources of injury.

The four most common specific traumatic injuries and disorders were sprains, strains and tears, surface wounds and bruises, fractures and dislocations, and open wounds see Table 7.

The duration rate was the third highest of all major sectors at 61 days lost per person-years worked, although it decreased from by Occupational Injuries and Diseases in Albe Summer 56 The Utilities sub-sector had the lowest lost-time claim rate of 0. Data from the survey provide information on major labour market trends such as shifts in employment across industrial sectors, hours worked, labour force participation and unemployment rates.

Being struck by an object, Sincethe person-years worked estimates have grown by The duration of disability refers to the length of time, in days, for ‘which the worker receives wage compensation from the WCB.

Structures and surfaces include the floor or the ground resulting in sprains, strains and tears, fractures and dislocations and surface wounds and bruises. However, the efforts of employers to introduce modified work programs to integrate injured workers back into the workforce can have a positive impact on work days lost. This was followed by injuries to the emoloyment extremities, This is indicative of having better health and safety systems in place and more proficient claims management.

Both of these figures are among the lowest when compared to other sectors in the province. Pickaxes dmployment still commonly used in the construction field, and when the axe strikes a hard surface, debris has the potential to fly everywhere, including back at the worker.


Occupational health and safety |

Inthe fatality rate was 99 fatalities per million person-years worked. The rate for all non-COR holders decreased by In comparison to workplace and motor vehicle incidents, occupational diseases require a different method of analysis as they take place over time not in a single recordable event. The rise over the last ten years is largely attributable to an increase in highway incidents. Workplace Health and Safety Innovation Award The Health and Safety Innovation Award recognizes the most innovative health and safety initiatives in Alberta workplaces over the previous year.

The Agriculture and Forestry sector had the highest fatality rate over the last ten years see Table 8. For disabling injury claims, similar proportions exist although they reflect a higher prevalence of a wider range of injuries see Table 3.

Petroleum Producers and Exploration, accounting for Ask a question about Occupational Health and Safety, or report injuries, incidents and unsafe work. The injury rates presented in Chart 5. Lost-Time Claim Rate The lost-time claim rate is calculated by dividing the number of lost-time claims by the person-year estimate, and multiplying the result by This was followed by surface wounds and bruises meployment other traumatic injuries and diseases, accounting for It has over staff and contractors in its operation.

Complications during surgery result in a blood clot causing a fatal stroke. Duration Rate The wns rate is calculated by dividing the number of workdays-lost disability days by the person-year estimate, and multiplying by

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