Sonic State:SynthSite:E-mu Esi Specifications. Esi At a Glance SYNTEC Wall of Sounds CD-ROMs Sound Food for your EMU Sampler, f.e. images | specs. Description. ESI is the very latest in the long line of high quality and affordable E-mu sampling products. ESI features kHz and kHz. Even though E-mu’s operation manual for the ESI series does technically state how multiple outputs can be used, it’s not clearly explained and is a bit.

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Ill be getting a USB zip drive soon, if I doI can try and copy those files for you if you still need some samples. The ESI is a professional sampler at a breakthrough price!

A friend gave me an E-mu Esi a few years ago and I never tried using it until yesterday and I am completely blown away. I’ve got some research to do. Additional digital processing functions include: I might see if he can burn me a bunch.

E-mu ESI-4000 Turbo Multiple Output Configuration Guide

The ESI is available in three varieties: The emu format is mind of Kooky as well. As having mixed signals defeats the purpose of having multiple using multiple outputs, this needs to be adjusted. What’s your setup right now? Did you just connect the leads of the flash drive to the wiring that once connected in the floppy drive? Images from E-mu Home Page. Mine usually took several seconds to load a small bank I rarely took advantage of all the RAM I put in. Thanks for your input everyone. What do you use for Samples Stonelaw?

The ESI can access up to samples per bank arranged in up to presets. The ESI’s unique Trigger Mode allows up to ten different samples to be triggered from the front panel without connecting a keyboard, making it an ideal tool for DJ’s. The Turbo Zip comes with all of the Turbo features and replaces the standard 3. The panning for MIDI is needed for proper instrument separation from the ESI outputs, however, once the signal has entered a mixer or audio interface then the audio can be panned anywhere within the stereo field.


You have to load it in.

Sampler – bit Sampling at With its ability to grow with your needs, the ESI may be the only sampler you’ll ever need to buy! I’d 44000 to be able to at least leave a piano sample on it for quick practicing, and maybe some drum samples.

If you find anything I would love some information as well. Saves hours of work.

Can you just pop a cd in your computer and see the filenames, or is it a completely different structure than fat32 or whatever. The ESI is 16 maanual multi-timbral which means you can create complex sequences and sound effects. Samples can be automatically truncated, normalized and placed on the keyboard as the sample is taken. I’m hoping I can get some opinions on the ESI While most of these concepts apply to the base model, this mwnual is specifically meant for the ESI with the Turbo expansion card, as this ESI 4K Turbo has highest number of outputs.

For this reason, I usually recorded my own samples, or simply loaded stuff from maanual CD library included with it. Booting up does take some time which is a drag, but samples will load pretty fast.

Samples can be digitally spliced and mixed with other samples, and dynamically controlled from the keyboard using velocity and positional crossfading and switching functions. If the emu is more predictable to use, I’d like to hear about some of the pros and cons involved in the interface. Advanced digital processing features such as Sample Rate Conversion, Compressor, Digital Parametric Equalizer and Digital Tuning allow you to shape raw samples more quickly and with greater precision than computer based systems.


The next step I hope to get to at some point is to write my own translator. Polyphony – 64 voices.

Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Once you get your head around the user interface they are very intuitive. I was going to suggest the sameI just grabbed meu esi and it came with 9 zip disks, I think 5 of them are full banks, one is the default, the other has all the proteus sounds on it.

Anyone know if I got a bad batch of disks or if there’s something wrong with the sampler? I recently sold an A primarily because of its painfully slow loading times and its crummy build quality.

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E-Mu ESI | Sound Programming

I used to own an ESI, which is basically the same thing. BTW, nothing is retained after power off. To be honest, Mqnual kind of miss having a sampler, and if I were to buy one, I’d get me an Emu. Also, when using stereo instruments with stereo bussing then MIDI panning should not be moved from the center position, unless intentionally adjusting the stereo balance.

I guess that’s not too bad. The guy I bought the sampler off of has a ton of cds. Just upgraded mine with a compact flash reader. Repeat the process for channels 3 and 4 msnual or mono. So, while these are generally treated as 4 stereo busses, 8 separate mono signals can be sent out of the ESI Turbo if configured correctly.

If you’re not dealing with multisamples and even if you areI’d suggest sampling sounds straight into the ESI instead of transferring them.

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