Rei militaris instituta, also called Epitoma rei militaris, written sometime between and , advocated a revival of the old system but had almost no influence. Epitoma rei militaris. Vegetius Edited by M. D. Reeve. Oxford Classical Texts. The first modern critical edition; Based on a comprehensive. The Epitoma Rei Militaris or Epitome of Military Science by Publius. Flavius Vegetius Renatus was in the Middle Ages one of the most popular.

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Reeve Oxford Classical Texts.

The anonymous De rebus bellicis 6. Vegetius the panegyrist wrote in the West for a young, palace-bound emperor with no military experience, as comparison with other fifth-century panegyrical texts demonstrates; the polemic against barbarians is aimed at the increasing reliance on foederatiwho provide the examples mlitaris Roman soldiers no militairs wearing armor and building camps; and, finally, in C’s most original contribution, the inspiration for two useful articles on the Late Roman navy, 5 the treatise’s final section on naval affairs 4.

Downloadable from Google Books. A Translation and Commentary diss. Access is by subtitle.

Epitoma rei militaris

The De Re Militari of Vegetius: Further, apart from the barbarian polemic and advocacy of reviving an antiqua legioC misses Vegetius’ major military “lessons”: Further, C envisions pp. C is aware that use of plumbatae epitoja. The Age of Titans William M. Survival of these units of Iovani and Herculiani is irrelevant.

Copyright status is unknown Processing Information: Military art and science. Did Vegetius believe that the identity of his emperor was so obvious that it was superfluous to name him cf. Portraying the military decadence of the Late Roman Empire, it is a plea for army reform. Approaching Vegetius as a panegyrist, although novel, downplays him as a military theorist and pays too little heed to the genre in which he wrote. Stickler, “The Foederati ,” in P.


Yet other scholars are more skeptical about this political marriage, and C p. However, after the first printed editions, Vegetius’ position as the premier military authority began to decline, as ancient historians such as Polybius became available.

The Epiotma at Bay London ; R. A German translation by Ludwig Hohenwang appeared at Ulm in Here and throughout his Vegetian studies, C mysteriously avoids use of the Ps.

For a reviewer, whose own study of this Latin text began in his undergraduate days many moons agoand who has tended to favor a late fourth-century date, C’s monograph aroused more militsris casual interest: The apparatus gives a full account of the readings that medieval scribes inherited from antiquity. Persians were famous for cataphracts and the Sasanids revived the use of elephants, as C discusses in detail elsewhere.

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Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Epitoma rei militaris manuscript, ca. Vegetius the Christian receives only cursory examination in efforts to refute a Theodosian date.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

A Eutropius not to be confused e. The translator is identified in Manuscript No. He was concerned about selection of good soldiers and recommended hard training of at least four months before the soldier was accepted into the ranks.

C has further muddied the waters. However attractive this solution may be from one perspective, C does not provide evidence that Rome imposed use of armor or Roman tactics on the foederati. C’s lack of attention to Vegetius’ sources and the genre of military theory perhaps constitutes the work’s greatest flaw.

Miliyaris hypothesis, for example, of a split in the manuscript’s transmission already by cannot be proved and is rendered unlikely by Reeve’s new analysis of the manuscript tradition C pp.


Milner miltiaris that it was “one of the most popular Latin technical works from Antiquity, rivalling the elder Pliny ‘s Natural History in the number of surviving copies dating from before AD Balkan recruitment and the Bessi have already been mentioned.

Apart from a passing reference to Deus 1 praef. Indeed, the absence of such bonding techniques in Vegetius and their presence in Claudian becomes a means to reject Richardot’s argument that Theodosius’ advice to Honorius at IV.

Vegetius’ dates are not known, nor are the circumstances under which the work was revised. Further, C’s hypothesis of an isolated, militarily ignorant emperor repeatedly asserted is never proved.

There may be more than C allows to Zuckerman’s point rejected as unconvincing: The temptation to see allusions to Adrianople and Gothic depredations in the Balkans should be resisted, as Vegetius’ scenario of unarmored Romans becoming pincushions for Gothic arrows does not fit Ammianus’ account the only detailed one extant of Adrianople.

C subscribes to the views popular in some circles e.

De re militari – Wikipedia

Further, C also ignores Vegetius’ note on Persian imitation of Roman fortified camps 3. The second three chapters continue the assaults of the first three, but, building on the views of Otto Seeck, C. Most of C’s factual inaccuracies have been corrected above. Not least, the two legions of mattiobarbuli 1. More probably, Vegetius reproduced an exemplum of a primus inventor found in his source.

De re militari came to the forefront in the miltaris Carolingian period through Hrabanus Maurus d. First page no charge.

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