“Ernesto Oroza works and thinks through the potentials of what he calls the “ vernacular production” of the periodo especial in Cuba—design. Ernesto Oroza () is a Cuban artist and designer. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Awards; 3 Books by Ernesto Oroza; 4 References. Biography[edit]. Oroza earned . Ernesto Oroza works and thinks through the potentials of what he calls the “ vernacular production” of the periodo especial in Cuba—design.

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Technological Disobedience » Ernesto Oroza

The antenna and dozens of video recorders were installed in a house in the Miramar neighborhood. Arquitectura de la Necesidad es una propuesta para una arquitectura sincera. Hablo de la prensa oficial, los documentos y las declaraciones legales que el Estado decreta, en su desespero por controlar el torrente de iniciativas individuales.

Bench made out of two doors from a soviet car Lada and metal bars. Ernesto Oroza, Redibujando el hogar.

Lunes, 25 de Abril del Does your professional attention wander from project to project, or are many different disciplines and processes engaged all at once for you? To recover the original image from the lights of the cars, the designs are molded from eernesto diffusers and its lenticular surfaces. Many Cuban and foreign academics and intellectuals oppose this reading radically, but in doing so they assume that these architectures do not exist.

Archivo y arquitectura en proceso. It may be that I contribute to this romantic reading because I am a defender of the transgressive character of the tactics developed to survive the crisis.


Editora Verde Olivo, Cuba, Le funcionan todas las pizarras y electricidad ok. Sermon Objects of Necessity — The pattern of the stools is determined by the scraps employed. Broken metal chairs loosen from a school and plastic chairs, also broken, expelled from a cafeteria, nearly one piece each month, they ramble around the neighborhood until they get tangentially trapped inside a human activity: Paperweights Architecture or Revolution. This page was last edited on 25 Juneat In some circles I am considered pessimistic because I reject this production as orroza alternative.

Ernesto Oroza [US] | Eastern Bloc

Some of the workers, molding it with their hands, began to improvise the shapes of lamps, ashtrays and decorative bowls. Fences made out ernesti several discarded materials.

The latter may be due to a practical inertia that comes from my training as a designer. Llamar al Edy O Damaris.

El Paquete SemanalPiracy. La crisis profunda e interminable ha dotado al individuo de una destreza especial. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, How do you interpret the widespread contemporary interest in Cuban making and Cuban design?

Founded metal bar chairs, monobloc plastic chairs and clothes. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for biographies. Las sillas eran las mismas en todas partes. The research blog Technologicaldisobedience. El antagonismo e inconsistencia entre ambas acciones es inapelable. Las luchas estudiantiles, los movimientos rebeldes hoy en Europa y Estados Unidos existen sobre condiciones materiales impensables en Cuba.


I know there is a romantic perception of Cuban production even when it is associated with the economic crisis. Personalmente agradezco todas las opiniones, es un tema que debe ser pensado en colectivo.

Uno de mis primeros archivos infestados data de This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. As a design student you get used to jumping from one cultural field to another, seeking to understand the internal logic of those fields.

Seamos conservadores por inercia. Lunes, 5 de Marzo del4: Some of these channels or protocols were created by the government but ended up exceeding their own control. However, many of the designs […] Twitter. Creo que la arquitectura debe ser eso. Inin a factory in Los Pinos neighborhood in Havana, after a black-out, a Japanese machine used to produce medical instruments in acrylic got clogged with the hot, melted material inside.

Belief in the Potential Object: Technological Disobedience in Cuba

I work on several projects at the same time and rarely leave a topic. A zero-point edge is determined for each and the scraps are glue together at whatever lengths they already have. It is not easy to insert a European student into a contingency environment. Estos nuevos recursos me han permitido retomar y profundizar algunas ideas.

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