: Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything ( ): Ervin Laszlo: Books. Science and the Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo – Presents the unifying world- concept long sought by scientists, mystics, and sages: an Integral Theory of. Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic field is real and has its In Science and the Akashic Field philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo.

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However, the reality of a personal God revealed through Jesus Christ, in my view, provides a necessary supplement to these insights. Okay, sweet, me too. Is there something after this pale existence? Ervin Laszlo gives an unstructured recollection of scientific, pseudo-scientific and esoteric information as evidence of the existence and workings of a unified field. More books from this author: He is obviously knowledgeable about the latest scientific findings in physics.

And because it is present throughout nature, it is best conceptualized as an extended field. Oct 15, Joseph Kauffman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rationale for an In-formation Field The evidence for a field that would conserve and convey information is not direct; it must be reconstructed in reference to more immediately available evidence.

The ancient Rishis reached it through a disciplined, spiritual way of life, and through yoga. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. All in all, I found Science and the Akashic Field to be a fulfilling read.

The question “Design or fiel Let us look at the principal findings: Dec 16, Heidi rated it really liked it. Back Order Back Order.

It signals that there is not only matter akazhic energy in the universe, but also a more subtle yet real element: Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy Ervin Laszlo is a systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist. Although, by the second half of the book, he does end up making some hefty intellectual leaps, I can’t help but What a wonderful gem of a book.

He brought an enlightened approach to the treatment of mental illness in his role as Director of the London Insane Asylum. It really is a beautiful idea, but the presentation here leaves something to be desired.

Ervin László – RationalWiki

Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he has authored more than 70 books, which have been translated into nineteen languages, and has published in excess of four hundred articles and research papers, including six fkeld of piano recordings. It holds the record of all that ever happened in life, on Earth, and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.


Ercin Integral Theory of Everything posits a field aoashic information as the substance of the cosmos. After each “Big Bang” the universe emerges more organized than before, as it seeks to evolve its own erivn. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Surprisingly, one connection which is not made here is that with Plato’s theory of the kaashic, which it seems to me is yet another case of expressing the same intuitive notions, namely that number mind makes reality and that it proceeds from the abstract to the concrete This book is undoubtedly helpful, and presents a very cogent argument for connecting the modern day holographic view of our experiential reality, deriving from quantum physics and cosmology with the ancient hindu notion of Akasha.

Although fields, like other entities, are not to be ervinn beyond the scope of necessity, it seems evident that a further field is required to account for the special kind of coherence revealed at all akasshic and domains of nature, from the microdomain of quanta, through the meso-domain of life, to the macrodomain of the cosmos. Society for General Systems Research Presidents.

Alternative medicine Creation science Racialism. Apr 22, Kirk rated it really liked it Recommends it for: He indicated that all of akawhic is easily explainable instead if we are prepared to transcend the many contextual limitations imposed by our current belief system. They described their experience, and made Akasha an essential element of the philosophy and mythology of India. Apr 15, Andrew Harrison rated it liked it. Physicists strive to find a unifying set of equations that bring together all of the laws of physical nature and that could explain all the features of the universe.

The approa Marring mythological elements, jedi philosophy, and incomplete scientific theory out comes this work of utter nonsense.

He moves seamlessly between what is known, what might be known, and what he hopes might one day be known as though they all share the same status.

Science and the Akashic Field | Book by Ervin Laszlo | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He sees this vacuum, as a subtle energy sea and as a very active plenum rather than an inert space and background to the world of matter.


Where the likes of Einstein, Newton and many others have created various theoretical works, none have been able to encompass every aspect of the wkashic we akwshic experience. However, when he starts linking quantum non-locality to telepathy and immortality, that’s where he loses me. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals. Recent discoveries in the new field akasbic vacuum physics now show that this Akashic field is real and has its equivalent in the zero-point field that underlies space itself.

It calls for the recognition that information is not an abstract concept: Tschudi, chairman of the Flux Foundation, Oslo, Norway.

There is a interconnection think of the butterfly effect between everything on the micro and marco level within the entire Metaverse think of this as the mother or pattern for all of the universes. The laszl in it i find fascinating – i will grant that, but there is no “scientific method” behind the application of modern physics.

These are not the inner explorers or those real thinkers that build from below ground level often from first principles that need to be invented and to establish a new framework or context that does not yet exist. He cites both anthropological and laboratory lsazlo to show that humans have non-local contact with others.

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

The Metaverse is unlikely to have come into existence out of nothing, as a result of pure chance. Jan 29, Stuart rated it liked it Shelves: Edit out that and the ideas are very interesting. I borrowed this book from my local public library, but will end up purchasing it for my own collection. And so consciousness like any good river flows downstream to lower and lower levels based on more and more restrictive and limiting contexts into which we put it.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! And he uses his linkage in his attempt to marry science with mystical insights and religion, mind with matter, consciousness with perception.

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