The Galician writer creates his own genre (el esperpento) trough both a series of characterization adaptacion, Valle-Inclan, cine, teatro, Las Galas del Difunto. Friolera’s Horns), Las galas del difunto () (The Deadman’s Finery), La hija del capit├ín () (The Captain’s Daughter) and in his novels Tirano Banderas. In the pages to follow, I wish to show that the esperpento Ias gala.s del d!funto ( ) consists of shiillful deformatlons of the Orestes myths, as styllzed in speciflc .

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Ventolera’s apparent courage has its darker slde ln the form of an avarlce whlch defles death. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. Julio Cejador y Frauca. The Royal Spanish Academy first defined the term esperpento in the fourteenth edition of the DRAEwhere the first and third meanings above were accepted.

He responds by poslng her a riddle: The Tragicomic Don Juan: El hombre que no se pone fuera de la ley es una cabra” l08l.

Los cternos de Don FllioLera in Obras escogidas. Iphlgenia, of course, has a coun terpart ln [. Well, for the characters it would be apainful scene, perhaps even abrutal one.

Esperpento – Wikipedia

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Clarendon P, I 9 His frtends recognize this character trait when they maintain that he wishes to take possesslon of the burted Galindo’s valuables. T lae down to the lowest D”if;;;: Analogously, Ventolera says that the dead man has designated hlm hls executor.

The general reaction against realism, which affected tum-of-the-century theater throughout Europe, was ee in Spain by Ram6n del Valle-Inchln The dominant settings are taverns and brothels, miserable interiors, and dangerous streets in Madrid.

The tragic sense of Spanish life can only be understood by an esthetic which is systematically deformed Imagine, for a moment, that a husband is upbraiding his wife, accusing her in the melodramatic style ofan Echegaray As Valle’s Orestes-flgure, Juanito Ventolera, ex- presses it, ‘Dando la cara no hay bueno nl malo” lo8l.


Thus Max Estrella defined the esperpento in Luces de bohemia as a conjunction of classic and grotesque forms: These plays present the absurdlty of Spaln by convertlng priestesses lnto prostltutes, heroes lnto rogues.


Log In Sign Up. Theses that have an embargo placed on them will not be available to anyone until the embargo expires. In the pages to follow, I wish to show that the esperpento Ias gala. Esperpehto as Orestes protested that his mother had cast hlm out to misery after killtng hls father, so Ventolera protests that by not opening the door when he knocked, she has forced hlm to enter through the balcony.

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Reference to the second sense first appeared in the supplement to the nineteenth edition Book titles OR Journal titles. The ending of this play about sacrlflce is problem- atlcal: This consideration is what moved me to change my writing and write esperpentosthe literary genre that I baptize with the name esperpentos.

From OEd;tptrs atColonus comes the archetypal lmage- ry whtch offers a new esthetic enJoyment by degeneratlng into the plot, esperpfnto, metaphors, situatlons, and dlalogues comprising the first esperpento, Luces de bohemla Orrtnger Inversion of Sophocles’ CDdipus atColonus.

Therlfore, “tt “‘a Ventolera’s statement that’la guerra es ‘negocio’ in the literal un negoclo de los g”i;;;”;;”” the word and property from sense Herrero Zahareas, Rodolfo Cardona, SumnerGreenfield.

Instead of flltertng through the wall hke Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, Juanito Ventolera shatters the crystal of the dramatlc illusion by crashlng in to the room through the glass doors ln as forced an entry as Orestes’ to slay Clytemnestra. When she laments the death of her beloved, Orestes promises her a quick reunion with him. Leading themes include death, the grotesque, and the reduction of human beings to objects reification.

The dle question that esperpento asks is whether it presents a deformed image of reality or whether it presents an accurate image of a deformed reality.

“Analisis del Proceso de Adaptacion de Las Galas del Difunto de Valle-I” by Gorka Maiztegui Zuazo

I 16 l Likewise, Don Juan became the final such figure to be paraded before the esperpento’s distorting mirror: Remember fel on this computer. Although professtng an undylng flllal love, she begs her father for llftypesetasso that she can move to Llsbon, outof range of local gosstp, slnce the Llsbonese hold Spanlsh women ln hlgh regard. To be free of him, the widow offers Ventolera money to stay at the inn, but so little, ln accordance wlth her usual parsimony, that he calls for his legacy of the cane and derby to go with the sult.


She tells him, as Athena told Thoas, to stop the public disturbance. Her niggardliness combines with superstitlon to produce the htlarious Scene 6, a grotesque parody of Clytemnestra’s terrlfflng flnal confrontation with Orestes.

However, the chorus of soldiers ln the esperpento reverses this sentlment and expresses superstitious ‘St un difunto se levanta’ dread’ of the dead. CS1 Spanish-language sources es CS1 errors: But Tia ComJa remlnds her, “Para tl ha stdo un verdugo” With two Maeterlinckian sketches published in ,1 the Galician playwright initiated an experimental dramaturgy that led, in the eady ‘S, to the esperpenro, an avant-garde form whose association with the ideas of Gordon Craig and other twentieth-century theorists is finally coming to light.

Tnrrilla’s DonJuanTenorto, several tlmes humor- ously mentioned ln the play, offers Juanito Ventolera a negative model for his own ultraterrestrial cupidlty. Difujto answer appears in her letter to her father, which Ventolera reads for everyone to hear. Contrary Lio the traditlonal view, whtch concentrates on the prlnted work, the present study calls for analyzlng the artlstlc passage from ancient Greek archetypes into thetr lndlvlduallzed Spantsh carlcatures.

Death appears as a fundamental character. To download campus access theses, please use espeerpento following link to log into our proxy server with your UMass Amherst user name and password. The tensions between the play and the movie will arise through acting, lightning, camera framing, and mise en scene.

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