A short summary of Eudora Welty’s Why I Live at the P.O.. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Why I Live at the P.O. Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories has ratings and 48 reviews. Judith said: Repeating myself I love Eudora Welty’s writing, especially her h. Why I Live at the P.O.. Welty, Eudora. Primary Category: Literature / Fiction. Genre: Short Story Primary Source. The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty.

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Stella-Rondo may be telling the most horrible tales in the world about Mr.

Why I Live at the P.O.

Jan 23, Chrissie rated it did not like it Shelves: Want to Read saving…. Lo que importa en este caso es la capacidad de Eudora Welty de convertir cualquier hecho banal en una historia con significado. And that’s the last I’ve laid eyes on any of my family or my family laid eyes on me for five solid days and nights. Sorry, not for me! If I have anything at all I have pride.

It looks like we’d all be glad! This is the way she looks,” I says, and I looked like this.

Then he falls over in the hammock and snores. Published by Penguin Books first published Anybody else, there’d be one that wouldn’t go off. This photographer with the popeyes she said she trusted. Of course, there’s not much mail.

I am listening to an audio book and Eudora Welty is the reader!!! It seems clear that the little girl is really Stella-Rondo’s, but who is the father? Whitaker and having the sweetest little adopted child! Lists with This Book. This is as close a portrayal of all that as fhe ever find. Mama says he is, he says he isn’t. And I very politely took the sewing-machine motor I helped pay the most on to give Mama st Christmas back inand a good big calendar, with the first-aid remedies on it.


Jul 12, S. After a life of being put-down, Sister seems finally to have come into her own with Stella’s elopement.

And I said to Stella-Rondo, “I think I would do well not to criticize so freely if I were you and came home with a two-year-old child I had never said a word about, and no explanation whatever about my separation. Return to Book Page. Later that day, Stella lies to Papa-Daddy about Sister suggesting that he should shave his beard, to which he is very devoted.

One Writer’s Beginnings I had to laugh. Needless to say, our narrator was not articulate enough to explain his reasons, and the language reflected the shallowness of his thinking. Rhe work attracted the attention of Katherine Anne Porter, who became a mentor to her and wrote the foreword to Welty’s first collection of short stories, A Curtain of Green, in So he didn’t do anything that night in the precarious state he was in just played Casino with Mama and Stella-Rondo life Shirley-T.

It turned out that Jaypan fell in the lake and came within a very narrow limit of drowning. Very distinct voices laying out the odd, the outcast, and the evil that lurks in the back roads and the shadows of a sleeping neighbourhood, or, sometimes, the good.

Sister, however, has developed some resources–she is able to leave home, too, even if only to the local post office for a few days. I says, “Oh, Papa-Daddy,” I says, “I didn’t say any such of a thing, I never dreamed it was a bird’s nest, I have always been grateful though this is the next to smallest P. The story is classified as an example of Southern realism. All the war news. For me the first title story was a nothing that went nowhere.


Butter-bean vines eelty all along the front where the strings are. After all the money we spent on you at the Normal.

Why I Live at the P.O. and Other Stories by Eudora Welty

Probably I am too far removed from the time and the place, and I willingly admit that I know little about the politics and race relations of the time in order to appreciate this. Oh, he told Uncle Rondo I didn’t learn to read till I was eight years old and he didn’t see how in the world I ever got the mail put up at the P. Whitaker’s breakup and married the man. The pure genius of her writing and the added blessing of hearing her read the stories.

And to think I used to see her shopping in the Jitney So I just decided I’d go straight down to the P. Four short stories published as a Wwelty 60s book. Jan 15, Hanson rated it really liked it. Stella-Rondo just calmly takes off this hat, I wish you could see it. Her sense of humor is unparalleled and her portrayal of sibling rivalry and family dysfunction is superb!

I foretold every single thing that’s happened. Some of the folks here in town are taking up for me and some turned against me.

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