Yevgeny Zamyatin ns In existographies, Yevgeny Zamyatin (), aka ” Eugene Zamiatin” (Seidenberg, ), was a Russian engineer. We by Zamiatin, Eugene [Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin] and a great selection of related books, We by Eugene Zamiatin Zamyatin (Wolfville, NS, Canada). The Paperback of the We: A Novel of the Future by Eugene Zamiatin at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Dutton and Company in New York City. There is a shared depiction by both Jerome and Zamyatin that individual and, by extension, familial love is a disruptive and humanizing force.

Yevgeny Zamyatin

Many of the names and numbers in We are allusions to personal experiences of Zamyatin or to culture and literature. An Interpretive Study finds the many intriguing literary aspects of We more interesting and relevant today than the political aspects:. Objects of zaniatin and historical importance dug up from around the city are stored there. He begins to have dreams, which disturbs him, as dreams are thought to be a symptom of mental illness.

Later dystopias would be more political: There is no way of referring to people except by their given numbers. After that, Zamyatin was hysterically condemned by zamiatni Union of Soviet Writers. It follows that to be original is to violate the principle of equality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The term “psychological entropy” is only fashionable combination of words.

He was arrested and exiled a second time inbut amnestied in The 20th century was haunted by literary visions of a future dystopia. It takes the modern industrial society to an extreme conclusion, depicting a state that believes that free will is the cause of unhappiness, and that citizens’ lives should be controlled with mathematical precision based on the system of industrial efficiency created by Frederick Winslow Taylor.


The action of We is set at some zamatin after the Two Hundred Years’ War, which has wiped out all but “0.

Zilboorg uses “United State”. In the book there are no facts which indicate that the author is relevant to the beginnings of the field of human thermodynamics.

Essays by Yevgeny Zamyatin abs. Numbers translates nomera Russian: We was finally published in Russia in As the lead character D, the one who is in the process of formulating the equations of existence, eugebe Post a new n. Dimensionality in Zamyatin, pgs. Wells’ utopias long before he had heard of We.

Yevgeny Zamyatin – Hmolpedia

The dystopian society depicted in We is presided over by the Benefactor [9] and is surrounded by a giant Green Wall to separate the citizens from primitive untamed nature. General Discussion General Discussion. Zamyatin resigned his membership, saying, “I zamuatin it impossible to belong to a literary organization which, even if only indirectly, takes a part in the persecution of a fellow member.

Human rights movement in the Soviet Union: This is the same as never having been in love and waking up one morning already married for ten years or so.

We is set in the future. Zamyatin’s dealing with Western publishers triggered a mass offensive by the Soviet State against him. He was horrified by the persecution he received at the hands of his fellow communists, but never settled definitively in a reactionary position either. O’s other lover and D’s best friend is R, a State poet who reads his verse at public executions.


While and other dystopias featured surveillance and telescreens, We is the most analogous to the panoptical surveillance utopia being promoted by the tech gods eufene Silicon Valley, who seem to admire computers more than they do humans.

His first name is sometimes translated as Eugene. Yevgeny Zamyatin, A Soviety Heretic: Allegory and Science in the Era of Classical Thermodynamics keyword: Try 8 issues of The Week.

The zamiatiin Russian dystopian novel Love in the Fog of the Futurepublished in by Andrei Marsov, has also been compared to We.

I write on the internet. The mayors then forces everyone, himself included, to live in a big barrack, then to shave their heads to be equal to the bald, and then to become mentally disabled to equate intelligence downward. There are many other dimensions, however.

Yevgeny Zamyatin – Wikipedia

However, as her pregnancy progresses, O realizes that she cannot bear to be parted from her baby under any circumstances. The University of Chicago Press, ; pg. I invites him to visit the Ancient House, zamkatin for being the only opaque building in One State, except for windows.

I smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, and shamelessly flirts with D instead of applying for an impersonal sex visit; all of these are highly illegal according to the laws of One State.

Zamyatin settled with his wife in Paris, where he collaborated with Euene film director Jean Renoir. The structure of the state is Panopticon -like, and life is scientifically managed F.

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