Everything Good Will Come has ratings and 90 reviews. karen said: in my mind, because i am notoriously illiterate when it comes time to read the back. Everything Good Will Come is about the coming-of-age of Enitan, the chief character, as she develops from a gripping aura of innocence to an. Abstract. Sefi Atta’s debut novel Everything Good Will Come () examines the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. Through these various.

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The dialogue shows signs of slipping into banter and only becomes more so. This enables Sheri and her family to take care of themselves wilo being supported by a man.

Everything Good Will Come

Throughout the book, which evertthing many years, political unrest is present and, though it is not explicitly said, much of this conflict has to do with religion and the distribution of wealth and power. My Name Is Leon.

The review must be at least 50 characters long. Who wants to marry him anyway? Oct 10, Daphne Lee rated it it was amazing. Fortunately for her, another coup leads to the suspension of the military junta and enthronement of democracy. I still really liked this book, though. When she returns to Nigeria she realizes her father has become politically involved, is imprisonment and, despite the objections of her husband, so does she.

Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta

And for the better informed: Here in this her novel we can see the plight and travails of women, no matter how educated or comfortable they might be. I had to know what was going to happen. This novel charts the fate of these two Nigerian girls, one who is prepared to manipulate the traditional system and one who attempts to defy it. I will describe the older Enitan as childish, confused, Honestly, this book disappointed me.


A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. A Disappearance in Damascus. This is why “Biafra” carries a negative connotation in the book. This is the first of Atta’s books I’ve read, but I have been interested in her work for a while having read some of her views on WOC feminism.

She also grows up in a family with more than one wife. Enitan makes two decisions and I understand and applaud one, but am still in two minds about the other.

Enitan bucks the familial and political systems until she is confronted with the one desire too precious to forfeit in the name of personal freedom: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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This novel is about two African girls, one born of privilege will the other, a lower class. It was published by Interlink World Fiction in Sunny expects Enitan to stand up for herself except when it comes to himself: Well I loved this book cause it basically talks about women and marriage and life generally, and how its difficult for even the men that claim to “support women” and ocme they actually aren’t supportive. Although this passage is not representative of the novel or what it’s about, it was one of my favorite parts: Born inSefi Atta was only seven years in when the novel begins.

Wi,l Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book Feminists will look at it that way perhaps but for me, it was a boring book.

Oct 15, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: Hmm, hva syntes fome egentlig om den. I think the problem was that the only time that Enitan’s life seemed worth reading about was when she was with Sheri. It started out interesting enough. Written in the voice of Enitan, the novel traces this unusual friendship into their adult lives, against the backdrop of tragedy, family strife, and a war-torn Nigeria.


At an age when other Ayta girls were masters at ten-ten, the game in which we stamped our feet in rhythm and tried to outwit partners with sudden knee jerks, my favorite moments were spent sitting on a jetty pretending to fish.

By the time I was halfway through I did not see any reason to finish it other than the fact that I had already started.

This contributes to their divorce but the major reason is that Niyi refuses to support Enitan’s interest helping women prisoners. Reading this so soon after devouring Elena Ferrante’s first three Neapolitan novels, I was struck by the overlap of interests of these books: InAtta won prizes in several genres: So the story is basically a bildungs Roman, we get to see Enitan from the time she was a little girl until her 30’s.

In some ways I don’t blame the writer, but the publisher and the editor for not sitting down Ms. Everything Good Will Come evokes the sights and smells of Africa while imparting a wise and universal story of love, friendship, prejudice, survival, politics, and the cost of divided loyalties.

The Hausa are predominantly Muslim.

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