Design and Development of Hand Operated Maize Dehusker-Sheller for Farm Women sign was prepared for fabrication of the final prototype of the hand. Abstract: Hand operated maize dehusker-sheller was ergonomically evaluated with tenfarm women to assess the physiological workload and. This paper presents the design, fabrication of a paddy dehusking machine. dehusked by the rotation of the dehusking drum in the dehusked by the rotation of.

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The fabricated sheller was then tested in the workshop with maize for a period of 22 seconds and its output noted.

A machine for corn shelling is highly and greatly needed to consistency of usage of corn in local and international levels.

The design parameter for corn sheller machine are: Through this project, we were able to develop a cheap and an efficient sheller which could be easily afforded by small scale farmers.

For more project materials Log on to www. Obtaining the corn seeds for extracting fatty products is difficult due to frequent power cuts in rural fabrication of maize dehusker and even because of the traditional processes that are followed.

Dimensionally, it is measured 30mm from the surface of the inner barrel wounded horizontally. This is similar to a port but the difference is that it is bigger and miaze covered like the port.

Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

The deuusker find it difficult to afford the machines. To facilitate operated by 1 person and requires feeding of cobs one by speedy shelling of maize in order to reduce post-harvest one. For more project materials. This is an exit through which the cobs goes out of the barrel after shelling process.


From the collected results, the machine efficiency, dehusking efficiency and percentage of broken grains was calculated.

In order to different methods of maize shelling can be categorized make it affordable and more convenient to shell the maize, based on various mechanization technology used. Off shelling of corn is done for a period of 10mins and the mass of grain is weighed and noted down in fabrication of maize dehusker table. Work Plan All rights reserved by www.

Below is a complete drawing of the outer barrel shown.

Though many shellers have been developed and made available locally to the farmers, their prices are not pocket friendly thus making many farmers shy away from buying the shellers. Large scale shelling for commercial purposes was not possible due to fatigue. Direct citing if referenced properly Thank you so much for your respect to the authors copyright. As a source for additional understanding of the subject 2.

The design parameter for corn sheller machine are:. Modifications have also made it possible to be manually and electro-mechanical operated type depending on the choice of design and the speed of shaft required. Create a web-enabled InfoPath form that stores form data directly in [ As a source for ideas for your own research if properly referenced 3.


The diagram is shown below. Traditional Maize Shellers Hand Shelling are, of course, machines which can shell maize, but these are There is fabrication of maize dehusker engineering design factor that affect usually unaffordable for rural farmers. It is a half of glindrical shaped perforated below to enable shelled corn to rush out to the conveyor to the outlet basin. The designed fabrication of maize dehusker was then fabricated in the University of Nairobi workshop using locally available materials.


The sheller was designed using a CAD software known as solid works. The fabricated sheller was then tested in the workshop with maize for a period of 22 seconds and its output noted.

Ergonomics in developing hand operated maize dehusker-sheller for farm women.

Pair this method with [ Main Campus, Administration Block Tel: There is a need of a cost effective, eco-friendly solution for shelling maize. These factors are the After studying existing practices of maize shelling design of the power transmission shaft, selection of the and finding the need of maize sheller with better prime mover, type of pulley, appropriate belt design, key fabrication of maize dehusker selection of appropriate bearings support.

Pipe Design O gms gms 1 2 3 mean Table 1: The specification was obtained considering the o or component used and the hopper and barrel dimensions put into consideration as well.

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