According to Faridabad Master Plan , HUDA will develop residential facilities in few areas, urbanisation will reach to rural areas of. ( Votes). Master Plan for Faridabad | Greater Faridabad. Development Plan for Faridabad; Water Supply for Faridabad; Sewerage System for Faridabad . Download Faridabad Master Plan Map and government notification. Also check out summary of master development plan of faridabad Save time!.

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Faridabad Master Plan 2031 Report, Faridabad Master Plan Map & Details

There is a tendency of converting existing residential areas into commercial areas along the major roads. An area of hectares has been proposed for residential purpose on the basis of average residential density of persons per hectare PPH. Faridabad Master Plan has been prepared to provide regulations for development and building activity in the industrial town of Faridabad in Haryana. The industrial belt in sector 15A proposed in Amster Faridabad-Ballabgarh Complex AD along National Highway has now been proposed as Mixed land use wherein residential, commercial and industrial activities shall be permissible.

The green area along Tilpat Firing Range, Air force Station, Badkhal and Surajkund Tourist Complex and along 75 metre wide road on the eastern side have been proposed in the master development plan of faridabad The Draft Development Plan, A.

Keeping in view the above, land use proposals have been formulated on the consideration that industrial activities and trade and commerce will continue to remain the major economic base of the town.

In addition, sectorsand have been proposed as the city centre. It also carries the major portion of Intra-city volume caridabad traffic, resulting in lot of congestion on this road.

Haryana Government Notifies Faridabad Master Plan 2031

This includes those areas where residential facilities are poor or not adequate. This Plan had proposals for urbanization from Delhi border in the North, up to Foothills of Aravalli ranges in the West, beyond Gurgaon-Agra Canal in the East and upto the revenue estate of village Jharsently in the South. Under the plan, an area of 14, hectares has been proposed for residential purposes on the basis of the average residential density of persons per hectare PPH.

The present bridges on Agra Canal are very old and weak which were designed to carry the rural traffic. Eight pockets of 25 hectares each have also been reserved for high density development of PPH in sectors 99,,andpaving the way for construction of smaller flats and for providing housing to low and medium income group.


Apart from this, over hectares have been proposed for public utility purposes which include a site for sewage disposal in the east Agra Canal. The total number of small, medium and large industries in district Faridabad is about 15, which provide direct and indirect employment to nearly half a million people and ranks as the 9 th largest industrial estate in Asia.

Faridabad Master Plan High Rise Societies To Dot Faridabad Skyline

An 20311 of 2, hectares has been proposed for commercial purposes. To integrate the urbanizable proposals on either side of Agra and Gurgaon Canals, bridges on sector dividing roads have been proposed. Faridabad is also a major industrial hub of Haryana.

Existing Faridabad-Dankaur road from urbanizable limit to U. Provision of multi-level parking for each acres urbanizable area and other small town level infrastructure facilities such as site for Telephone Exchange, site for Transit Station for Solid Waste Disposal, site for Rain Basera etc.

The existing gas based thermal plant has already been accommodated in the development plan as a special zone. However, fardiabad the forthcoming decades, the likely implementation of various infrastructure projects such as Metro Rail, Dedicated Freight Corridor and Eastern Peripheral Expressway, shall provide a boost in the growth of this town. In addition to these sites, area has also been exclusively earmarked for the purpose of cattle pond, slaughter house with meat market, dairy, piggery zone mastet Dog Kennel.

The Metro rail has also been proposed along Delhi-Mathura road, up to Ballabgarh. All the villages of the district are connected by metalled roads and have electricity since Since there is a tendency of converting existing residential areas into commercial areas along major roads, the present plan proposes commercial land use along major roads in a linear pattern along the sector roads between various sectors to curb the tendency to convert residential areas into commercial use. In order to cater to the growing population in the industrial town, the Haryana government recently approved the Master Plan for Faridabad.

Due to the existence of industries in Sector 13, land use, there has been changed from institutional to industrial-cum-institutional, said he. For smooth movement of traffic in the proposed urbanizable area, an integrated system of transportation and road network has been provided.


To relieve this road from the external traffic, a 60 metre wide bypass road has been constructed by HUDA, as per the provisions of published Final Development Plan A.

For a projected population of 10 lacs for the yeara draft development plan was published-vide Gazette notification No. As described above, the circulation system of the town shall have Gridiron System.

The Colleges and Hospitals have been proposed considering the projected population of In addition to special zone-1, another special zone i.

A total area of hectares has been proposed for public utility purposes. Two links with 75 metre width have been proposed to connect this expressway near sector and sector Faridabad is home to one of the largest industrial estates of Asia, which houses a large number of manufacturing industries. In addition to the already proposed 75 metre wide eastern peripheral road in the Final Development Faaridabad A.

The broad gauge Railway line of Northern and North-Central Railway pass through the district and most of the trains going to South and West of India pass through the District.

Faridabad has lagged behind in these sectors and is now gearing up to catch up with Gurgaon and Noida. Two linkages from the outer peripheral road, near sector 92 and near sector 95 have been proposed for providing connectivity to Noida and Greater Noida respectively. However, for public and semi public use, the town level facilities, which include colleges and Hospitals, have been proposed in the Faridabad Master Plan The Government decision regarding increase in the sector density has been incorporated in the plan with the following provisions: The monuments, heritage sites, special areas of aesthetic, sentimental or historic value which require afridabad shall be protected.

Similarly, this town cannot be expanded towards its north due to the constraint of Haryana-Delhi border. Economy of Faridabad is largely dependent on industry.

Faridabad Master Plan Report, Faridabad Master Plan Map & Details

In addition, sectorand have been proposed as city centre. The newly developed part of Faridabad Sec. The extent of various land uses mastee described as below:

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