Buy Food and Beverage Cost Control on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Food & Beverage Cost Control 5th Edition by Lea R Dopson available in Author: Lear; Subject: Hospitality Accounting; Subject: Food service — Cost control. Audits and More: A Nutrition and Food Service Audit Manual for Adult .. Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), for residential nutritionally balanced, cost effective meals and beverages for the Promote information sharing and opportunities for learning. Dopson LR, Hayes DK, Miller JE. Food.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The Professional Chef New! The book includes straightforward information on nutritional basics like types of nutrients and how they function in the body, reading and using food labels, caloric intake recommendations, and planning recipes and menus around ahd dietary guidelines.

Also included is detailed information vontrol ingredients, serving sizes, food safety from preparation to plating, and nutrition-related conditions like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Introduction to the Profession.

The Basics of Nutrition and Food Science. Food and Kitchen Safety. Meat, Poultry, and Game Identification. Fish and Shellfish Identification. Fruits, Vegetables, and Fresh Herb Identification. Dairy and Egg Purchasing and Identification. Mise en Place for Stocks, Sauces, and Soups. Mise en Place for Meats, Poultry, and Fish. Fabricating Meats, Poultry, and Fish. Grilling and Broiling, Roasting and Baking. Sauteeing, Pan Frying, and Deep Frying. Steaming and Submersion Cooking.

Mise en Place for Vegetables and Fresh Herbs. Cooking Grains and Legumes. Cooking Pasta and Dumplings. Salad Dressings and Salads. Charcuterie and Garde Manger.


Food and Beverage Cost Control

Baking Mise en Place. Pastry Doughs and Batters. Custards, Creams, and Mousse. Fillings, Frostings, and Dessert Sauces. Appetizers, Soups, and Salads. Side Dishes and Accompaniments.

Breakfast Dishes and Beverages. Baked Goods and Desserts. Recommended Resources and Readings.

A user can enter the amount he or she wants to use raw, trimmed, or cooked volumes, counts, or weights and with one-click convert the As-Served amount to the correct As-Purchased amount. This powerful CD-ROM saves conversion calculations to a printable purchase list; enables total freedom when choosing recipe ingredient measures; includes food specification footnotes, clear costing, and purchasing formula explanations and examples; controo features an Ingredient Search and Conversion Calculator US to US, US to metric, lear.odpson to metric.

With over new foods added since the previous edition, this Seventh Edition offers real-world practices and combines the text with a workbook providing wholesale food prices, worksheets for costing ingredients, and worksheets for planning food purchases.

Canned Foods In Number 10 Cans. Rice, Grains And Cereals. Flour, Meal, Bran, And Crumbs. Fats, Oils, And Condiments.

Coffee, Tea, And Cocoa. Ask your Wiley representative for details! The Food Service Industry. Menus, Recipes, and Cost Management. Understanding Meats and Game. Cooking Meats and Game. Understanding Poultry and Game Birds. Cooking Poultry and Game Birds. Understanding Fish and Shellfish. Cooking Fish and Shellfish. Legumes, Grains, Pasta, and Other Starches. Cooking for Vegetarian Diets.

Salads and Salad Dressings. Sausages and Cured Foods. Food Presentation and Garnish. Basic Principles and Ingredients. Professional Cooking for Canadian Chefs, 6E: Now, with 1, recipes and more information than ever before, this beautifully revised and updated Sixth Edition helps culinary students and aspiring chefs gain the tools and confidence they need to succeed as ad build their careers in one of the fastest growing and exciting fields today. Key features of this new Sixth Edition include: How This Book Is Organized.


A World of Organic Food. Nuts, Seeds, Beans, and Grains. Meats, Dairy, and Eggs. Top Varieties of Organic Produce.

Food and Beverage Cost Control, 6th Edition

Releves and Entrees of Poultry. Releves and Entrees of Game. Vegetables and Farinaceous Products. Sweets, Puddings, and Desserts. Poached Fruits, Jams, and Drinks.

A Brief History of Cutting Tools. The Parts of a Knife. Knives and Other Important Cutting Tools. Additional Small Tools for the Knife Kit. Large Equipment Used for Cutting. Sharpening Knives on a Stone. Honing Knives on a Steel. Course or Rough Cuts. Precision and Portioning Cuts. Special Peeling and Cutting Techniques.

Eastern Techniques and a Yin-Yang Balance. Contro, Techniques and Savoir-Faire. The Masterful Use of Spices. Procuring the Best Ingredients.

Celebrating the Seasons Through All the Senses. Where Chiles Reign Supreme.

Feasting in Comfort with Family and Friends. Balancing Strong Flavors and Aromatics.

Food and Beverage Cost Control : Lea R. Dopson :

Encouraging Diners to Play with Their Food. The Chef as Artist.

Food Matches Made in Heaven. Seasoning Matches Made in Heaven. Culinary Art as Communion. Introduction to Advanced Cooking. Salads, Pastas, and Other First Courses.

Fish and Other Seafood. Poultry and Feathered Game. Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Veal. Its Structure and Its Use. Potatoes and Other Starches. Kitchen Math Lear.dopsin – Metric Versions. Knight and Lendal H.

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