The author of this book is available for helping with DocBook or other XML publishing projects. Installing FOP · Using FOP · Using other XSL-FO processors. Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text To output to PDF, tell FOP to register your fonts with your file. And since my entire DocBook chain was built from open source, I had to use Apache FOP. Apache FOP has a long history. For some reason, it.

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These drivers are also used by a2x 1. As I said, the font metrics files are required to get something done.

Chapter 5. DocBook

Languages, characters and encoding Document encoding Output encoding Saxon output character representation Special characters Special characters in output Space characters Missing characters Language support Using the lang attribute Using language parameters Language codes Extending the set of languages Text direction Chapter Add a plugin Rocbook of all, you need to add a plugin to the plugins section.

Accented characters are replaced with hashes if you do not use a docbiok that supports multi-byte characters. FOP is more feature complete for example, callouts are processed inside literal layouts and arguably produces nicer looking output.

Note Use the stylesheet parameter fop1. This produces a more usable index.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP

If you want to see how the complete documentation set is processed take a look at the A-A-P script. The lib directory has other.

In this example, the memory allocation is MB. Glossaries Glossary formatting Glossary dochook in print Linking to a glossary entry What about link and xref? The stylesheets are used in conjunction with an XML parser such as xsltproc 1.

That extra code is understood only by a specific processor, so this feature is controlled by stylesheet parameters. Stylesheet options Chapter 6.


DocBook, FOP and Fonts

Provides the support library for SVG graphics. It runs on MS Windows platforms and can be downloaded from http: This example generates an asciidoc. The options for FOP are listed at http: Setting up the tools Chapter 1. If you are using the Arbortext processor, then set the arbortext.

It is used internally by FOP. Which script you use depends on the operating system: When the extensions for one of these processors is turned on, extra code is written by the stylesheet into the XSL-FO file. That message comes from a template named root. Lists List titles List spacing List vertical spacing List horizontal spacing itemizedlist options Different bullet symbol Print properties for itemizedlist orderedlist options Different numbering style Number continuation List starting number Print properties for orderedlist variablelist options Multiple term elements Variable list formatting in print Variable list formatting in HTML simplelist options Chapter This example is run on MS Windows from a Cygwin shell prompt: These are useful for automated batch processing of many documents, so you do not have to open them one at a time in a graphical interface.

On the other hand, HTML output directly from AsciiDoc is much faster, is easily customized and can be used in situations where there is no suitable DocBook toolchain for example, see the AsciiDoc website.

In Antenna House, the extension element is axf: Apache FOP is providing some utilities for generating font metrics, however none of that is based on Maven.

Converting DocBook to other fkp formats. All of the arguments to the command are in the form of options, and they can be presented in any order. If you are using XEP, then set the xep. Note For a long time, version 0.

These are examples of optional dblatex output customization and are used by a2x 1. You will most likely want to process bitmap graphics in your document. Because these products are undergoing rapid development, and because they provide their own documentation and support, this book will not provide general instructions on how to use them.


Getting the tools working. DocBook Consulting Services available. Feel free to plough through the FOP documentation to understand what it is about.

However, just generating the files is not going to make a huge difference. I will explain later why the language attribute is important. For a long time, version 0. Profiling conditional text Marking conditional text Marking small bits of text Multiple profiling conditions Processing profiled versions Single-pass processing Two-pass processing Customization and profiling Validation and profiling Custom profiling attribute Adding new profiling attributes Adding attributes to the DTD Adding attributes to RelaxNG Profiling with new attributes Using the role attribute for profiling Chapter Although most people will run FOP using its included convenience scripts, it is useful to know where the files are.

AsciiDoc generates articlebook and refentry DocBook documents corresponding to the AsciiDoc articlebook and manpage document types.

Replace any version strings in the example below socbook the actual version numbers on the files in your FOP distribution. Last weekend I realized that — although the Maven Docbkx Plugin supports something like that — it is probably one of its best kept secrets. However, that has been solved with the latest versions, and Docboom think the output generated by the DocBook stylesheets can be quite ok. Depending on the memory configuration of your machine, your FOP process may fail on large documents with a java.

Ofcourse you will have to change manual.

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