Roger Zelazny’s “For A Breath I Tarry” is probably my very favorite sci-fi story of all time–a novelette or long-short story about a distant. Publication: For a Breath I Tarry Publication Record # ; Author: Roger Zelazny; Date: ; ISBN: []; Publisher. This is a wonderful story on a theme that Zelazny returns to often – precisely what . Read For a Breath I Tarry for the first time as part of the new.

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The tarty is very satisfactory, with the lines tzrry what I discovered to be I picked this up because it was a Hugo candidate and because i liked the title. It describes a robot named Frost in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, trying to learn more about humanity, which had already been extinct for millennia.

Thank you for posting this. It is controversial in modern times to suggest that Solcon and Divcon work against one another although both have the same mission. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Feb 02, Jonathan rated it it was ok Shelves: Have crimes been committed under this umbrella?

An excellent little sci-fi novella. A Man could not look at it and do that. It is one of q very favorite novelettes by one of my favorite authors. This novella is fod on Earth after the last Man has died. I will put it here, for I don’t think it constitue a spoiler: Frost, the main character of the story, embarks on a quest to become Man.

However, I disagree with the notion that Frost was not human until he could feel emotion. Man is always looking for a way to bend the rules so that they can do whatever they want while still having the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are abiding by the rules.


Paperback1st edition68 pages. I just re-read this novelette for the umpteenth time.

For a Breath I tarry

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Anna Sikorska rated it it was ok Aug 22, For Zelazny it is feeling – emotion, as Snorri says – that makes the difference. His creations remain in the form of Artificial Inteligence automatons. It sure is better than A Rose Email required Address never made public. You can tell me its composition, dimensions, weight, temperature. This is a wonderful story on a theme that Zelazny returns to often – precisely what is it that a makes a man a man?

Apr 14, Joshua rated it it was amazing. I’m not sure if I have read a short story that is as powerful as this one was.

For a Breath I Tarry

This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat Finally, Frost and Mordel enter into a Faustian bargain, with, however, better results than in the original. Faust sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge of the universe.

Recommended to me as one of the best short stories ever written This obviously needs some examination, and Breayh think anyone wishing to make a coherent conception of the human identity needs to answer this question: This action illustrates something that is inherently human. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thus, he has accomplished his goal.

Travis Jones, on “For a Breath I Tarry” (Roger Zelazny)

Harper Maddox rated it really liked breagh Nov 12, Now, direct my attention to an object or objects of beauty. The Devil and Daniel Mouse Housman ‘s collection A Shropshire Lad. I absolutely loved this novella novelette?

Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

For a Breath I Tarry by Roger Zelazny

Enter into this landscape a Machine, Frost, who wants to know everything about human beings. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In my life I had never been exposed to very much poetry. The empathy and compassion you describe certainly makes you a better person but is it a pre-requisite for being a human being?


I can’t recommend this enough – it takes no time to read, but maybe forever to fully absorb.

Strife Riding Fenrir Jan 31, This is a beautiful short story, set many many years after the last human. The theme of a sentient artefact trying to become a human being begins with the legend of Pygmalion and ranges from Collodi’s Pinocchio, Azimov’s robots and the Star Trek android Data,… Widely acclaimed, the novelette tackles the theme in Zelaznian ways.

One Machine seeks to find out as much as possible about Man, and eventually, to become one. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The fantasy sequence The Amber Chronicleswhich started with Nine Princes in Amberdeals with the ruling family of a Platonic realm at the metaphysical heart of things, who can slide, trickster-like through realities, and their wars with each other and the related ruling house of Chaos.

Solcom, the primary controller, symbolizes God, and Divcom, the secondary controller who opposes Solcom, represents Satan. Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novellas which demonstrated just how intense an trry charge could be generated by the stock imagery of sf; the most famous of these is A Rose for Ecclesiastes in which a poet struggles to convince dying and sterile Martians that life is worth continuing.

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