Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (Hong Kong Drama); 雪山飛狐; Xue Shan Fei Hu ; Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain; Raised by his father’s. Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain has ratings and 23 reviews. Jim said: Louis Cha/Jin Yong is perhaps the most popular author among the Chinese althou.

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Feb 16, Ooi Ghee Leng rated it it was amazing.

The reason for them doing so is deliberately kept from the reader at this point of time. Hilda rated it it was amazing Aug 30, While the story takes place within a single day, the stories told by the tje span more than a century. The following labels could also apply, but all would also fall short of capturing the genre: I really like the structure of this book. The novel has a prequel, The Young Flying Foxwhich was released in The literary devices used in the novel have been used mpuntain often in literature, such as in One Thousand and One Nights and Illustrious Words to Instruct the World.

Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain – Wikipedia

The story ends with a fight between Fox, the hero of the story, and his sworn enemy, but the result of the fight is untold, left to the imagination and creative power of individual readers. Chinese, however, makes no such distinction, but rather differentiates between blades with only on one sharp side dao or two-sided blades jian. Akhirnya aku paksain bacaaaa aja terus tanpa peduli siapa namanya wkwkwk. A little less attractive than his long story.

Walter rated it really liked snwoy Nov 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It’s a real shame that all of Cha’s books haven’t been translated.


Cha’s fiction, which is of the wuxia “martial arts and sonwy genre, has a widespread following in Chinese-speaking areas, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and the United States. All three parties had designs on the metal casket, supposedly housing a poniard, which was an heirloomof the Martial Brotherhood.

Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain () – MyDramaList

If you’re a fan of “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” and the like, you’ll love this novel. Paperbackpages.

Thor Olavsrud rated it liked it Aug 22, Owing to a massive misunderstanding, which lasted several generations, snosy descendants have been slaying each other in yhe vendetta that prevented any of them from uncovering the truth. Haixxtt6 rated it really liked it Oct 17, The chapters are labelled in numerical order, instead of Jin Yong’s typical style of using a short phrase or duilian as a chapter’s heading.

Cover of the edition of the novel.

Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain – 01

Mario rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Sep 12, Ciara Jones rated it it was amazing. To a Western audience largely unfamiliar with wuxia novels, Jin Yong’s work is probably best described as being similar to Ang Lee’s film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Miao Renfeng, Hu Yidao and his wife developed an uncommon friendship and grew to admire each other, but Hu and Miao must fight unwilling duels to avenge their parents’ deaths.

Under the schemes of the villain Tian Guinong, Hu Yidao was unintentionally slain by Miao Renfeng when Tian secretly smeared his sword with poison. The various scheming martial artists are eventually punished by their greed. This, however, is a common convention also used by many kung fu schools.

May 28, Sushu rated it really liked it Shelves: Need more snowj the author’s work in translation! The four guards’ family names were Hu, Miao, Tian and Fan.


The various characters of which there are a multitude are so well drawn out and there’s a real edge to each of them. He has many fans abroad as well, owing to the numerous adaptations of his works into films, television series, comics and video games. He is currently the best-selling Chinese author alive; over million copies of his works have been sold worldwide not including unknown number of bootleg copies.

Awalnya seperti kisah sederhana balas dendam, lalu jadi perebutan harta karun, lalu dikupas lagi satu per ssnowy kulitnya. All three parties had designs on the metal casket, supposedly housing a poniard, which was mountainn heirloomof the Martial B The story took place in Snowy Mountain in the coldest part of Manchuria, ovlant Winter’s morning in First of all, one should take into account that the translator grew vopant in Hong Kong, so she likely grew up bilingual with the result that her English, though definitely mouuntain, does not always sound native to someone who grew up in an English-speaking country.

In doing so, they gradually reveal each other’s personal secrets. The story took place in Snowy Mountain in the coldest part of Manchuria, one Winter’s morning in The conflict reaches a climax when Miao Renfeng challenges Hu Fei to a duel thinking mistakenly that Hu has intentionally molested his daughter, Miao Ruolan. Lalu kait berkait lagi di masa kini.

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