Fill Fragebogen Zur Steuerlichen Erfassung English Version, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with. @tiahardyrobinson/how-to-do-the-fragebogen-zur- steuerlichen-erfassung-in-englishedition-for-freelancers-. Form: Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung (Registration with guide was based on the May version of the official “Fragebogen zur.

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If you moved from abroad, also include the country of the post office box. Besides, I don’t make enough to pay VAT. For further information on VAT registration matters please see: It even comes with a translation of the form.

How to fill the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung

If you are not declaring a business association or a business partnership see line 4leave this line blank. Bring the form and all the attached documents and go to the Finanzamt. Online hotel bookings, restaurant reservations or other offline services sold through a website do not count as digital services 1. The revenue and vragebogen profit should be almost the same. If you have checked the box on line and need to declare additional fiscal connection, attach the list to this form.

In most cases, you should check “Nein”. The name of your company. Germany, How to Register This is a practical guide to VAT registration procedures in Germany to guide you through each step of the process. This is however a different concept from VAT and has no effect on it Einkommenssteuer vs.

Expected amount of income tax payments. If you don’t have construction or renovation expenses, do not check this box.

Fill in the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung – Business – Toytown Germany

Check “Ja” if you are registered in the German Trade Register Handelsregisterand the date of your registration. The phone number of your tax advisor.


If you are declaring a new company or registering as a freelancer Freiberuflerleave this line blank. For example, stock market income, bonds and interests.

Germany, How to Register

Your second telephone number, if applicable. If your name has never changed, leave this field blank. If you do not sell digital content and services, this does not apply to you, and you should not check this box.

If you work from home, leave this line blank. You can get this document from your tax advisor.

Resident businesses may register for VAT electronically. The postal code, city and region for the address of the company you are buying, inheriting, transferring or merging into your company. The postal code, fragebogne and PO number of your post office box.

Check this box if you need a VAT number. Ben December 20th, The date at which you officially started working on your business, including opening bank accounts, reserving domain names, contracting other people etc. If you do not have employees, fargebogen this line stteuerlichen.

If you checked “Ja” on line 64, write the Fragebogne you used to declare your income tax. The postal code, city and region of the address where you live. I don’t mention this to take away from the hard work here, but just because sometimes two sources can clear up any issues you have. Your birth name or maiden name, if it’s different from your current name. For example, “15a” tax exemption for medical services. If you live at the same address, leave this line blank.

The house number of the address where you live. I still have doubts about the insurance BIC number of your business bank account.


RF Freie Religionsgemeinschaft Alzey: If you happen to be in that situation, there are lots of legal ways to steuelichen around that which your tax consultant will be happy to inform you about.

If your company does not have a post office box, leave this line blank. The email address of your company.

Attach the name, address steurrlichen contact information of the other locations to the form when you submit it. Resident businesses can register for VAT when they establish their business or later by contacting the tax authority by post or electronically see above.

Check this box want to register a business Gewerbeor if you want to register as a freelancer Freiberufler. Consider it an extension of that guide.

If you have employees, write the number of employees you are hiring, including temporary workers. This quick guide will help you fill the form correctly. Businesses operating from other countries than the ones listed must apply to: Book a free 15 minute demo.

If you have not declared or paid any income tax in Germany in the last 3 years, check “Nein”. Check ” Nein ” if you are not registered.

Germany, How to Register | Croner-i Tax and Accounting

Don’t forget to check the wiki and use the search function before asking. You are doing business with the app store, not with the customer, so it’s a B2B transaction 12. I am done with this shit for a while.

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