You can view the PDF files conveniently online with your browser – just click the link. Alternatively, you can save the information so that you can refer to it offline. Find out all of the information about the FRAKO product: power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital RM Contact a supplier or the. (see Table 1, pages 15 to 17) The Reactive Power Control Relay RM is Relay RM Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO.

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The effects are illustrated by the two gm in Figure 6 and Figure 7. By shifting the band into the capacitive range see Figure 7 in section 5. The control relay is electrically connected through a multiple connecting terminal supplied with the relay. The set discharge period is maintained. Check the control circuit according to the circuit diagram and check fuses.

Find more suppliers in Chennai Power Controllers in Chennai. It is assumed that the automatic connection and stage current identification are switched on see 906 5.

If it recognises rj a capacitor stage has failed, this stage stage without capacitance will be ignored in future normal operations. Continuous monitoring for defective capacitor stages through self adjustment of control program Zero voltage and zero current tripping with alarm signal.

During installation and service work the control relay must be kept free of voltage. During manual operation the present count for each stage can be displayed.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM

The LED “alarm” lights up for as long as a state of alarm exists. If, however, the control relay failed to determine the connection mode after 15 minutes due to high load changes or phase imbalances, it is possible to enter the connection mode manually as per Table 2. The mode of operation of this adjustment can be seen in Figure 4 and Figure 5.


The conditions for an alarm can be seen in section 6. Page Page Summary of Instructions After acknowledgement the flashing alarm marker goes out. On pages 15 – 17 all other preprogrammed standard values and their programme ranges are listed. See also section 5. Commissioning After the control relay has been installed as described in section 3, the relay can be put into operation.

The stage currents ascertained are then stored. The “kink” in the band characteristic line is not reflected in the feedback operation but is extended at the point of intersection of the reactive power centre line axis with the feed-back operation line.

Reactive current Figure 8: Fault in control circuit. This process takes at least 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. The terminals for V and V are internally bridged.

Press “Set” button and read the shortage of power from the display. During the “set mode” none of the capacitor stages is changed and there is no switching of the alarm contact. The contact closes when either there is ftako mains voltage applied to the control relay or when an alarm is signalled.

The over-current ratio is a mathematically determined value fraoo therefore cannot be applied to filtered systems. Important, read before commissioning!!! Power Factor Correction Panel. Switching load up to VA max. The display then shows “”. An appropriate combination of “parallel shift” and “limitation” is illustrated in Figure 9.

If fm first stage was already switched on “1. The function of the preprogrammed standard values is described under section 5. Four-quadrant power control with LED display when active power is generated into mains. If S1 k and S2 l are connected the fraio way around or the CT is installed in wrong direction, connection mode number must be added by 6. By pressing the “-” button once “6. If the identification process is not concluded within 15 minutes there is probably a fault.


The reactive power control relay RM is a fgako control relay for intelligent control of capacitor banks with 6 control contacts. There is either no voltage or the wrong voltage has been applied to the control relay.

If the result is higher than 11, 12 must be subtracted.

All information on FRAKO

After approximately four minutes the required capacitor stages are switched on again. If the power factor shown does not coincide with the real power factor, the identification process must be repeated.

The set target power factor is therefore the upper limit of the control band. In order to keep the load on the current transformer as low as possible the supply lines should have a cross-section area of 2. High load change; The delay time was set too low. This is essential fgako ensure that the system rj not oscillate. Get best deals for coconut. After connection the short-circuiting bridge might have to be removed from the current transformer.

ON” appears on the display frsko the control relay has switched on the 6th stage after approx.

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