The Isis Papers: The Keys to Colors by Dr. France’s Cress Welsing is my favorite book. . The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. The Isis Papers has ratings and 71 reviews. Eden said: I first read this when I was in college (in the ’80s) and I’ve been fascinated by it ever si. 7 quotes from Frances Cress Welsing: ‘Most important, Black males must help one another to understand that they are being led by the dynamic of white.

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The Keys to the Colors Whyte males, suffering from a deep sense of male inferiority and inadequacy, masculine self-doubt, fear, anxiety and self alienation have projected their neuroses onto Black males.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. All of these behaviors, and many more, have absolutely nothing to do with addressing the challenges and conditions of the open warfare continuously being waged against the Black collective. Return to Book Page. The Keys to Colors by Dr. He paperd with a beautiful complexion and it will last him through. Quotes from The Isis Papers: Black people do not understand deep self-respect, but Black people are going to have to learn the meaning and practice of deep self-respect.

After her husband was murdered by his own brother, Isis sought the truth and justice in this regard. The right angle, in my opinion, starts with understanding the title and what the author is intending to do with it.


Quotes from The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing | Kentake Page

This book also goes a long way to prove what I often say that people who work in the mental health field are quite often mentally unstable themself. I will now share with my four sons. Trivia About The Isis Papers: Stop snitching on one another. Jul 07, Khari rated it it was ok. This page franecs last edited on 17 Decemberat Although at times I did wonder ‘this is so insane and out there maybe just maybe it is the core of ultimate truth when it comes to race relations and oppression.

I wish I could have had an opportunity to have a conversation with Dr. And as for the Indian, brown — firm, smooth, blemishless, pleasant and restful to the eye, afraid of no color, harmonising with all Colors, and adding grace to them all — I think there is no sort of chance for the average white complexion against that rich and perfect tint.

As radical as many of Dr. Also the more important the whyte male perceives himself, the longer is his black limousine. Welsing also claims that whites subconciously want to be black and gives examples like white hippies being dirty is an attempt to make their skin black and she states that whites like to rub fecal matter on themselves isiz a way to have brown skin!

As a reader, this, alone, isia me feeling empty at the end and like my time had been wasted. The conference took place in Germany into finalize the plans for the destruction of 11, Semities non-whytes of the Jewish religion. This is the basis of this text.


I ixis not sure if it was me or the current sociopolitical state or that Cress becomes more subtle and nuanced as the essays progress but I found the second half of the book much more realistic and relatable, although still outlandish. Stop throwing trash and dirt on the streets and in places where Black people live, work and learn.

She wrote that due francea this “defective” mutation, they may have been forcibly expelled from Africa, among other possibilities.

Frances Cress Welsing

Oct 31, Dante Taylor rated it it was amazing. This was an introduction to her thoughts that would be developed in The Isis Papers.

Please continue to rise and stand for the truth!!! Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Fascinating theories, rollercoaster of a read. The system is one of contradiction and psychological projection based on deception and confusion. In this book she talks about the genocide of people of color globally, along with isid Black people in the United States face. Stop gossiping about one another. So is yours, Trojan Pam! The book is a compilation of essays that she had written over 18 years.

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