Turretin is especially known as a zealous opponent of the theology of Saumur ( embodied by Moses Amyraut, and called Amyraldism), as an earnest defender of . STEPHEN NICHOLS: We’re in Dr. Sproul’s library again, and this time we’ve pulled Francis Turretin’s three-volume Institutes of Elenctic. About Turretin, he added, “If you want to find sound theology, here it is.” So who is this giant from the past? Francis Turretin spanned most of the.

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Of his other disputationshis most important are De Satisfactione Christi disputationes and De necessaria secessione nostra ab Ecclesia Romana et impossibili cum ea syncretismo published in The will of an individual human being is never francs in the sense of possessing an equilibrium, either before or after the fall.

Francis Turretin () | A Puritan’s Mind

It is the ‘seed’ of which we are born againthe ‘light’ by which we are franclsthe ‘food’ upon which we feed and the ‘foundation’ upon which we are built “. Pleading his commitment to the Italian congregation, he declined, even as he declined a call from the church in Lyons the year before. Chair of theology at the Genevan Academy — With: Such perfection is in the word carried over into the versions. Is the present Hebrew text in things as well as words so authentic and inspired theopneustos in such a sense that all the extant versions are to be referred to it as a rule and, wherever they vary, to be corrected by it?

It is not Scotus’s notion of synchronic contingency but Aristotle’s modal logic which is incorporated into Turrettini’s doctrine of freedom. The Spirit is the teacher; Scripture is the doctrine which he teaches us. Our opponents cannot deny this since, when we ask them about the church, they quickly fly turreitn the Scriptures to prove it.

Henry Tozer Henry Vane Jr. There is no need to have recourse to any tradition independent of them. Not afterward, both because the copies circulated among Christians would have rendered such attempts futile, and because no trace of any such corruption appears We maintain that primarily and principally turetin Bible is believed by us to be divine on account of itself or the marks impressed upon itnot on account of the church. Turretin said, “Three things particularly prove the necessity of the Scripture: The latter relates to the accident of writing, the external and accidental form.

What is an authentic writing? Concerning the common faith of the entire church or body of believers produced by the Holy Spirit, Turretin said, “For the Spirit that testifies in us concerning the inspiration of the Scriptures is not peculiar to individuals with regard to the principle and origin. Not before because Christ would not have passed it over in silence for he does censure the various departures in doctrinenor could he bear to use corrupted books He completed francie studies at Geneva in and prepared to go abroad.


There are new books published every month.

Over all these this law obtains – that they ought to be referred to the authentic writing and if they vary from it, to be corrected and emended. Hence if the question is why, or on account of what, do I believe the Bible to be divine, I will answer that I do so on account of the Scripture itself which by its marks proves itself to be such. A command is not more efficacious than the inspiration of the things to be written; nor does a faithful ambassador ever depart from his instructions.

Some quotes were also taken from the work tutretin which we have updated and published.

François Turrettini

Although a private person may be ignorant of the languages, he does not cease to gather the fidelity of a version as to the things themselves from the analogy of faith and the connection of the doctrines: The consequence holds good from the preached to the written word because there is the same reason for both and the same arguments which induced the apostles to preach in the native tongue prove the necessity of versions Hence the divine ordination being established, it is made necessary to the churchso that it pertains not only to the well-being bene esse of the churchbut also to its very existence esse.

Turretin not only believed the original text was still used at that time by both Jews and Christians, but added: Finally, if I am asked by what means or instrument I believe it, I will answer through the church which God uses in delivering the Scriptures to me.

After describing a strict and wide use of the word canon, Turretin spoke of the ” two-fold aspect ” of the canon: Here we must carefully distinguish a twofold divine authority: Turretin surely knew “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Turretin filled the pulpit there for a time. Views Read Edit View history.

We affirm the former and deny the latter against the papists. Together with his duties as pastor in the Italian church, he would hold this position until his death in The latter is the rule, the former the thing ruled, having only human authority.


The word of God cannot lie ; cannot pass away and be destroyed ; shall endure forever ; and is truth itself. The controversy carried on previously with the papists about the authentic edition sufficiently confirms it.

We do not speak here of authenticity in the former sense for we do not deny this to versions when they agree with the sourcesbut only in the latter which belongs to the sources alone.

After nine months of study in Paris with the Church Historian David Blondel, Turretin was immersed into the conflict of reformed theology and the theology of Moise Amyraut John White John Wilde n. Turrettini distinguishes six kinds of necessity Institutio His Institutio Theologicae Elencticae, first published in was the fruit of some thirty years’ teaching at the Academy of Geneva.

Francis Turretin

His Institutio Theologiae Elencticae 3 parts, Geneva, — was the culmination of Reformed scholasticism. This article includes content derived from the public domain Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge From what source does the divine authority of the Scriptures become known to us? Rather the question is whether in writing they were so acted upon and inspired by the Holy Spirit both as to the things themselves and as to the words as to be kept free from all error and that their writings are truly authentic and divine.

The illustrious author in question cannot deny it, for in the beginning of his Critica Sacra, he says, ‘The first and most ancient Protestants have said that all things should be examined and corrected by the Hebrew text, which they call the purest source Turretin said, “Whatever is called the pillar and stay of the truth is not therefore infallible And if corruption is admitted in those of lesser importance, why not in others of greater?

Are the books of the Old Testament still a part of the canon of faith and rule of practice? Turretin reminded us again that the Holy Scriptures though proved by the work of the Holy Spirit, are also self-authenticating. This massive work of Reformed scholasticism extends to nearly pages in the Latin edition of

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