Chateaubriand was the giant of French literature in the early nineteenth century. Drawing on eighteenth-century English romanticists, on explorers in America. Atala & René [François-René de Chateaubriand, A. S. Kline] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Atala and René – François-René de. Atala / René has ratings and 58 reviews. peiman-mir5 said: دوستانِ گرانقدر، پیش از این در ریویویی در موردِ داستانِ «رنه» برایتان نوشته بودم داس.

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My mother made me sic a Christian; I am named Atala, the daughter of Simaghan, who wears the gold bracelets, and is leader of this band of warriors. And yet I felt that I still loved her, and would die joyfully for her.

A profound languor was visible in the eyes and movements of the girl; she gazed at Father Aubry, as if she wished to communicate a secret to him, but something xe to hold her back, either my presence, or a certain sense of shame, or the futility of its avowal. Drawing on eighteenth-century English romanticists, on explorers in America, and on Goethe’s Werther, he had a profound effect on French writers from Victor Hugo and Lamartine to George Sand and Flaubert.

From Wikipedia, rwne free encyclopedia. What I do for you here is so very frandois, and elsewhere you will find much greater assistance; but the glory ought not to redound to the priests. Resume that manly independence, of which Lopez has no wish to deprive you. Withough question this archetype played a large part in determining the course of French literature up to the ‘s. At the sight of the dog we had found in the forest, that now, leaping with joy, traced a far different path for us, I burst into tears.

What is a woman beside the duties you must discharge? I despise you as less than women. He gazes around him at the roofs of men; the traveller has nowhere to lay his head.


Three times I evoked the soul of Atala; three times the Spirit of the wilderness echoed my cries from beneath the funereal arch.

Atala () by François-René de Chateaubriand: The Cultures of Franco-America

The cataract divides into two branches, and bends in a horseshoe. Chateaaubriand night we lit a large fire, and we built a shelter, of bark raised on four stakes. Do you not realise that I am the daughter of a formidable Sachem? However, the mother of my mother threw water in her face, and forced her to marry the magnanimous Simaghan, a kingly man, honoured like a god among the tribes.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? You can see, in the centre of the village, one hut that is larger than the others: I got to page 36 of this book and decided that I might as well spend time staring at a wall as reading the rest.

François-René de Chateaubriand (Author of Atala / René)

Nuptial glory, worthy of our misfortunes and the grandeur of our love: In this city, newly built by the Spaniards, I risked being sent to the mines of Mexico, when an old Castilian, named Lopez, moved by my youth and my innocence, offered me sanctuary, and introduced me to his sister with whom he lived, as he lacked a wife. Books Digital Products Journals. Surveyors with long chains were measuring the field; arbitrators were establishing primary ownership; the bird yielded its nest; the lair of the wild beast gave way to rens cabin; the rumbling of forges could be heard, and the blows of the axe creating last echoes, themselves expiring with the trees that gave them birth.

The author very convincingly describes the coming of God to the Holy Ostia during the Christian liturgical rites in the abundance of nature If it is the remains of a young girl that the hand of a lover suspends from the tree of death; if it is the remains of a beloved child that a mother has placed where small birds nest, the charm of it is redoubled.


Who could prevent her succumbing to nature? They questioned me about my mother, about the early days of my life; they wanted to know whether my mossy cradle had been hung among flowering maple branches, whether the breezes rocked me beside the nests of young fledglings.

Atala / René

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Atala, acts of sacrifice and generosity are atzla eternal bonds: Trop de romantisme tue le charme du romantisme, et c’est clairement mon ressenti. They celebrated funeral-games; foot-races; the ball-game; five-stones. At the centre of this wood, lay an open space, where they sacrificed prisoners of war.

Solitary, mysterious, ardent, and poetic, he is in open revolt against a society whose values he rejects. What plans have I not dreamed of! This procession, which with its flocks fracnois its venerable leader, pell-mell, from rock to rock, seemed to my softened heart like those migrations of the first peoples, when Shem, with his children, walked through the unknown world, following the sun that went before him.

A book was suspended from his neck; he leaned on a white stick.

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The full account of Chactas’s wanderings after Atala’s death, in Les Natchezgives a somewhat different version of their fates. The earth cries out to me: At least you did not know weeping; at least your heart has not been exposed to the devouring breath of mankind. The arrival of this fraternal friendship which came to join its love to our love overwhelmed our hearts.

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