genus and species name, Frateuria aurantia, for strains IF0 ,,, and to Strain IF0 was found to be a strain of. Gluconobacter. Frateuria aurantia DSM (Project ID: ). Product: High Quality Draft. Proposal Name: GEBA Proposal (Proposal ID: ). Project PI: Jonathan Eisen. Potassium-mobilizing bacterial strain Frateuria aurantia was examined for Bacterial strain F. aurantia was able to enhance potassium uptake efficiently in.

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The genome was sequenced using a combination of Illumina and sequencing platforms. An effective tool for using ultra short reads in microbial genome assembly and finishing.

K Sol B from Frateuria aurantia :: Agri Life

Phrap and Phred for Windows. Possible mis-assemblies were corrected with gapResolution [ 33 ], Dupfinisher [ 36 ], or sequencing cloned bridging PCR fragments with subcloning. Finishing repeat regions automatically with Dupfinisher.

Genome sequencing and annotation Genome project history This organism was selected for sequencing on the basis of its phylogenetic position [ 28 ], and is part of the G enomic E ncyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project [ 29 ]. The minimum information about a genome sequence MIGS specification. The most frequently occurring genera were Dyella TAS [ 24 ].

J Mol Biol ; Microbiol Today ; Illumina GAii sequencing data 2, Illumina reads were also used to correct potential base errors and increase consensus quality using a software Polisher developed at JGI [ 37 ]. They are oxidase positive and catalase negative [ 1 ]; physiological features and antibiotic susceptibilities were reported in great detail in [ 1 ].


Evidence codes – TAS: Coenzyme transport and metabolism. Cells grow well at pH 3. An algorithm for suffix stripping.

K-Mobil (Potash Mobilizing bacteria): Frateuria aurantia

Syst Biol ; Amino acid transport and metabolism. The most frequently autantia keyword within the labels of those environmental samples which auramtia hits of a higher score than the highest scoring species was ‘atta, biomass-degrad, capac, colombica, coloni, fungu, garden, herbivor, insect, microbiom, plant, top’ 8. Frwteuria Res ; BrowserTool takes expertise out of the database and puts it right in the browser.

General function prediction only. Isolation and phylogenetic characterization of acidophilic microorganisms indigenous to acidic drainage waters at an abandoned Norwegian copper mine. The initial Newbler assembly consisting of 36 contigs in one scaffold was converted into a phrap [ 34 ] assembly by making fake reads from the consensus, to collect the read pairs in the paired end library.

Frateuria aurantia

Traceable Author Statement i. Syst Appl Microbiol ; The Gene Ontology Consortium. Figure 1 shows the phylogenetic neighborhood of F. Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones. The most frequently occurring keywords within the labels of all environmental samples which yielded hits were ‘soil’ 5.

GenBank Date of Release. Zerbino Augantia, Birney E. Pyrosequencing reads were assembled using the Newbler assembler Roche.

Open in a separate window.

DNA was isolated from 0. These data sources were combined to assert a product description for each predicted protein.


The error rate of the final genome sequence is less than 1 inCultures grow in dark, glistening, flat colonies with a soluble brown pigment [ 1 ]. A summary of the project information is shown in Table 2.

The genus was named after the Belgian microbiologist Joseph Frateur [ 1 ]; the species epithet is derived from the Neo-Latin adjective aurantiareferring to the gold-yellow color of the strain on MYP agar [ 1 ].

Lipid transport and metabolism. Petersburg Academic University, St. This organism was selected for sequencing on the basis of its trateuria position [ 28 ], and is part of the G enomic E ncyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project [ 29 ].

Growth conditions and DNA isolation F. Evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project [ 26 ]. Han C, Chain P.

The distribution of genes into COGs functional categories is presented in Table 4. MacOS, Linux, and Unix. J Gen Appl Microbiol ; Replication, recombination and repair. Proposal for the domains Archaea and Bacteria.

Nucleotide transport and metabolism. The organism also produces ubiquinone Q8 [ 27 ]. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Frateudia Kopitz for growing F. Published online Oct 2.

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