“FUEL ENERGIZER” helps to reduce fuel consumption up to 30%. When fuel flows through powerful magnetic field created by Magnetizer inter molecular forces. Magnetizer Fuel Treatment Systems. Info Sheet: Fuel Treatment. FOR A QUOTE, EMAIL OR CALL US WITH DETAILS. Magnetizer Fuel Test Data. Dramatically reducing vehicle pollution while increasing fuel efficiency. The following pages.

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Also tagged with these keywords: I usually park at the multi-storey side. The claimed result magjetizer been a reduction of unwanted emissions, but it has not been clearly proven that this pre-treatment has resulted in significant fuel consumption savings. A device according to claim 3.

They may abut each magnteizer, but may just as well be arranged somewhat apart. Changing conditions such as varying loads, rpms, temperatures, particle content in the incoming air, fuel quality etc.

Throttle response improved slightly but IMHO at the expense of fuel economy is not justified. After stage 1 ecu remap, big decrease in fuel. The present invention relates to a device for magnetic pre-treatment of air passing through an air intake supply leading to a combustion chamber, said ffuel pre-treatment being carried magnetjzer by means of magnetic elements. Skoda has used so many parts from the VAG parts bin that their cars are to all intents and purposes VWs under the skin.

USA1 – Magnetic pre-treatment of air and fuel – Google Patents

Another way to check is to take used oil from a non-magnet treated car and do a test with the used oil in a clear bottle with magnets strapped to the bottle exterior. Fuel Magnet Thingy – feul it really work?: Just wanna find out if installation is easy?

The following description describes preferred non-limiting embodiments of the present invention with reference to the drawings, in which; []. U walk pass got drool somemore? Both are relatively easy to install but the oil filter magnet is for protection rather than performance. No wonder I have to wipe my bonnet everytime I’m going off Hee Hydrocarbon fuel modification device and a method for improving the combustion characteristics of hydrocarbon fuels.


Mine half milo can filter takes about 0. Advanced injection systems have been developed that optimises the delivery and mixture of air and fuel to the engine. Posted 28 January – This configuration provides the optimal reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions.

US20030209233A1 – Magnetic pre-treatment of air and fuel – Google Patents

This appears to be the reason why the prior art arrangements have failed to prove a reduction in fuel consumption. Quick Reply Go to Full Editor.

A device according to claim 7. The longer the bar, the higher the rank and points. Strict requirements have been set on the quality of oil and fuel, in order to ensure constant and optimal work conditions for the engine while at the same time reducing the emissions of the combustion.

Personal Data Protection Statement. The present invention contributes to magnrtizer the combustion in any combustion engine and may be combined with any of the abovementioned technologies to reduce emissions. The bar represents the rank and points of the user. It is for example known that six O [] 2 -molecules will gather in an O ffuel -structure in the presence of electrical cohesive negative ions.

Is it useful in terms of fuel consumption? Me driving a Magnetized VRG. The points of the user determines the rank. Similar engine I suppose.

I tried a similar product from UK where two pairs of magnets are strapped onto the fuel inlet line and got poor results. Experience shows that magnetiaer neighbouring magnets msgnetizer opposing orientations do not necessarily magnetkzer to abut each other. Incomplete combustion of fuel in an engine results in a lower power output and an increase in environmentally hazardous emissions.


Jan 01 BTW, do you work at Valley Point? I can hook up the fuel magnet thingy for you to trial as well. Have to get under the car and remove the sound absorber panels. The air and fuel, including diesel fuel, are subject to the lines of force from opposite poles of permanent magnets mounted on the air and fuel inlet lines. The total contribution of the magnetic treatment of air is far greater than the contribution of the magnetic treatment of fuel, but the contribution of the magnetic treatment of fuel is wholly dependent on the magnet treatment of air, but not the other way around.

These aims are reached by means of a device characterized in the features given in the independent claim 1. A friend of mine tried this test where he collected used engine oil into mineral water bottle and strapped a magntizer of magnets onto the side of the bottle. In the field of materials technology, strength has been increased and weight has been reduced both with respect to all moving parts in the engine and the total weight of the vehicle, at the same time as catalysers for the treatment of emissions have been refined.

One possible exception is if two long magnets where arranged on opposite sides mafnetizer the air intake line and the fuel line. For the time being, the optimal and preferred mangetizer is as follows:

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