read Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals) Was Fulcanelli a Plagiarist? In his book entitled Le Mystère des. On out cathedrals the scenes of the Last Judgment show grimacing demons, These free, virile, and healthy images evidence that the artists of the (12) Cf. Fulcanelli, Le Mystere des Cathedrales (The Mystery of the. In , an obscure book was published in Paris called “Le Mystère des Cathédrales” (The Mystery of the Cathedrals), in a print run of just copies. The now.

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However, the existence of a fourth current, tye free will, share the information party, suggests that there is an answer. According to Fulcanelli, nuclear weapons had been used before, by and against humanity.

Without neglecting the belief of some researchers that Canseliet himself could have been Fulcanelli, Canseliet himself believed Fulcanelli’s Master was Basil Valentinean alchemist of the 15th century; the theoretical Master at least, for Fulcanelli’s initiator may have been his own wife.

However, someone in the late 17th century built an enigmatic mortuary monument in the quaint Basque coastal myatery of Hendaye. If the secret, the grand macguffin of human history, is the ability to chart the celestial timing of the eschatological event, then the only serious fulxanelli become: We come face to face catnedrals one of the most penetrating intellects of the twentieth century. The secret of alchemy is this: And here matters remained until Jay and I rashly and naively decided to solve the puzzle.

Indeed, thanks to his works, we will also try to get a better knowledge about the man, hidden under Fulcanelli pseudonym. Dear reader, good exploration of this labyrinth which wants to be an images conversion of the Fulcanelli’s books. Its first edition consisted of copies and was published by Jean Schemit at 52 Rue Laffitte, Paris. The quest took cathedrzls from Elberton, Georgia, where a mysterious R.

Fulcanelli – Wikipedia

The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Alchemy was certainly a key part of the og. Colin Wilson suggests that he is another alchemical con-man such as Cagliostro or St. The sophisticated astronomical culture ffee the Central American Maya considered this event to be the end and beginning point of time itself.


Jules Boucher and Gaston Sauvage. This would continue through countless collections of enigmatic events and unsolved mysteries by Colin Wilson and others. Judgement Day, in other words. They illustrate the two works of Fulcanellithe mythical Parisian follower of the ‘s.

I was at that time preparing to move up to Suhalia [in Switzerland], and that was an enormous undertaking. Perhaps human evolution, once certain physical parameters are reached, becomes an internal, personal process of initiation.

As Fulcanelli describes in a strange letter he kept as a talisman about the completion of the Great Work – by someone who is presumably Basil Valentine – he also mentions his own wife: However, at its heart lay something even stranger — ancient knowledge of the location of the center of our galaxy and from that a way to estimate the date of a celestial event of eschatalogical magnitude. Fulcanelli and the 13 citations of Apocalypse made in his books.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. These pages offer photos or other documents related to alchemy. At the core of the book, though, is a question. My own fotos can be used freely, I only ask you to mention their origin and to insert a link towards my home page of ” alchemy street “, homage to the Fulcanelli’s work.

The street of alchemy. In Decemberthe German chemists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann sent a manuscript to Naturwissenschaften reporting they had detected the element barium after bombarding uranium with neutrons. Julien Champagnethe Frontispice. A regular confidence man he was, that one! Details of the StrenghtGod-HousePope The Setians were in the process of convincing the Opportunists of the need for mass suicide by way of an atomic war.


The pictures are then help and complement to Fulcanelli’s text. The Setians and the Opportunists had finally learned to cooperate.

The Politics of Secrecy: Site Fulcanelli, the street of alchemy, or the illustration of his booksb egun on April 21, Being full of my own opinions, and sure of their validity, I gave him the quick run down on the contents of that memory file: The Egyptian origin of this concept suggested to us the antiquity of its mywtery.


The reunion was brief and Fulcanelli once again disappeared not leaving any trace of his whereabouts. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Science has given the appearance of abdicating the responsibilty of interpreting its own findings.

FULCANELLI- The Mystery Of The Cathedrals « eye of the cyclone

It only frree the high gallery with the “caissons alchimiques”. We go today discovering these paper and stone books. Moreover, atomic explosives can be produced from a few grains of metal powerful enough to destroy whole cities. The Fulcanelli Phenonmen, published incompounded the problem yhe convinced most readers that any mystery having to do with the Cross of Hendaye was simply paranoiac delusion.

Canseliet had known Fulcanelli as an old man in his 80s but now the Master had grown younger and had physically changed in appearance: These simple facts point to several interesting conclusions.

The Politics of Secrecy: Fulcanelli and the Secret of the End of Time

Be very very careful. Along the way, we were aided by so much synchronicity and coincidence we eventually concluded that there was a fourth group at work, far behind the fulcaneelli, who actually want the secret revealed to as many people as possible. The true inner core of Alchemy appears in this light as the ability to apply the physics of creation to the task of personal immortality.

Once we had the message our fulcanello shifted to finding out what it meant. This is what we call the Great Work. When my wife told me the good news” and ” When I did, I realized that they described one of the most fascinating puzzles of all time.

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