Furuno USA Inc Automatic Identification Systems . Installation Manual CLASS A AIS Model FA PRODUCT NAME: U-AIS TRANSPONDER SAFETY .. For FA to FA retrofits, use the optional replacement kit (OP). .. File Type: PDF File Type Extension: pdf MIME Type: application/pdf PDF Version: FA OPERATORS MANUAL details for FCC ID ADB9ZWFA made by Furuno USA Inc. Document Includes User Manual OPERATORS MANUAL. FURUNO will assume no responsibility for the damage caused by improper use or The FURUNO AIS (Automatic Identification System) model FA or FA- Note: The file name is composed of a single alphabet, the file type, and.

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When the range closes so that the fast sweep responses are seen also, the firstof these will be no more than meters beyond the true position. There aretwo EBLs, No. Put the cursor on the point you want to measure the range and bearing andpush the left button. The actual number of lines visible may be less depending on lineinterval.

Enter expected course andspeed and delay time until start of a maneuver and the expected position of yourship and tracked targets at the end of the trial maneuver are shown on thedisplay.

Note that the normal radar picture is lostduring this test.

Enterthe dimensions of your net in the menu to show the net in scale on the display. AIS symbols are fildtype in dotted lines in the following cases: Any repair work is best left to a qualified technician. For further details, see section 1.


The FA complies with relevant international regulations and standards e.

Radar resolutionThere are two important factors in radar resolution discrimination: Enter your expected course, speed and time-to-maneuverto find the relationship between diletype ship and other ships against your plannedmaneuver.

You go onto the relevant site and change the owner details. The default specifications of each brillianceset are is in the table below. Roll the scrollwheel to adjust the PI No operation is required of the user. Waypoints may be entered with the cursor, bymanual input of latitude and longitude and at ffuruno position.

Furuno FA – RCOM Marine Equipment

Two units are available: Thesentences shown depend on your system settings. The maximum number of characters allowable is asfollows: Flashing stops after losttarget alarm is acknowledged. The table below shows those functionsthat have limited availability. I will contact a Furuno dealer and see if I can wrangle the password. When interrogated, it first sweeps rapidly 0. Any AIS lost targets whose length is shorter than thissetting will not trigger the lost target alarm.

Page 1 of 2.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Use the trackball to put the cursor on the AIS target you wish activate. Displaying messagesYou can display AIS messages upon receipt as follows: Roll the scrollwheel to adjust brilliance. To distinguish real target echoes from sea clutter, echoes are averaged oversuccessive picture frames. The amountof range change determines how the radar paints trails. This mode is available when the radar is interfaced with a gyrocompass.

Selectnumeral and push it to set.

ItemSymbolStatusRemarksInitial stageBroken circle around an echo to indicateAutomaticallythe target under acquisition and initialacquired targetsstage of tracking, before steady-statetracking. The performance monitor is incorporated in the antenna unit. Note that a waypointcannot be erased if it is part of a nav line.


The display then looks something like the one below. Electronic aids are nota substitute for basic navigationalprinciples and common sense. Click Here to Login. The ringsare the concentric solid circles on the display. An unacknowledged alarm can be acknowledged from the list by selecting itsnumber and hitting the left button. Instead of changing radarsettings case by case, it is possible to assign the function keys to provideoptimum settings for often encountered situations.

Outlaw7 Registered User Join Date: ControlLeft buttonAvailable setting30 sec, min 1 min interval20 min, 30 min, 40 min,50 min, 60 minScrollwheel 30 sec, filwtype 1 min interval The vector tip shows an estimated position of the target after the selected vectortime elapses.

Extend trails for 24 hours.

The buzzer and the flashing stop but the alarmindication remains on the display until the reason for the alarm is removed. In ground stabilized TM, all fixed targets, such as landmasses,appear as stationary echoes.

If desired you can assign primary alarms the same priority as Error alarms. Display Vendors by Map. The marksmay be geographically fixed ground stabilized or sea stabilized. Roll the scrollwheel to choose fa-50 antenna then push the left button.

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