The Book Stylistics by Galperin. Uploaded by Alexei Galaktionov. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online. English Stylistics has 38 ratings and 2 reviews. The textbook discusses the general problem of style, gives a stylistic classification of English vocabul. About I.R. Galperin: Ilya Romanovich Galperin ( – ) was a notable linguist, professor of the Moscow State Linguistic University.. I.R. Galperin.

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Had supper and went to bed. As soon as a thought has reached1 its full perfection, galpefin word springs into being, offers itself, and clothes the thought. However, this definition is acceptable when applied to the ways men-of-letters use language when they seek to make it conform to their immediate aims and purport.

Individual style requires to be studied in a course of galpdrin in so far stylistcis it makes use of the potentialities of language means, whatever the character of these potentialities may-be. But in some texts grammatically redundant forms or hardly noticeable stylistifs, essential for the expression of stylistic meanings which carry the particular additional information desired, may present a difficulty. The influence of these learned courtiers would be in the direction of correctness and elegance of utterance,1 in opposition to the more careless and unstudied speech of the mere men of fashion.

Meaning from a Stylistic Point of View But it is one thing to take into account a certain phenomenon as a part of a general notion and etylistics thing to substitute one notion for another.

The notion of style cannot be reduced to the merely practical aspect because in such a case a theoretical background for practical aims cannot be worked out. As illustrations we have chosen words which have found a permanent place in the English stock of words.

Their use stylistixs every-day speech is remarkable for the subjective emotional colouring they produce. By order of Queen Elizabeth I a Bible was placed in every church and people flocked to read it or hear it read. Structural Essentials of English. Feb 16, Eg rated it really liked it. Any of us can read a newspaper printed in Leeds or San Francisco or Delhi without difficulty and often even without realising that there are differences at all.


It allows modifications but within the frame work of the system galperkn established norms.

Galperin I. A. Stylistics

As an ideal, it cannot be perfectly realised, and we must expect that members of different ‘wider communities’ Britain, America, Nigeria, for. Now it should be possible to define the notion of expressive means. Sometimes, however, the twofold application of a lexical unit is accomplished not by the interplay of two meanings but by two words generally synonyms one of which is perceived against the background of the other.

When the feeling of the norm, which grows with the knowledge of styllstics laws of the language, is instilled in the mind, one begins to appreciate the beauty of justifiable fluctuations.

This, stlyistics, is not the case with structural units.

I.R. Galperin (Author of English Stylistics)

This can be explained by the fact that semantic changes and particularly syntactical ones are rather slow in process and they reject any sudden imposition of innovations on the code already in action. Makayev Here are some other definitions. The Old English period lasted approximately until the end of the twelfth century. The notion of the norm mainly refers to the literary language and always presupposes a recognized or received s t a n d a r d.

The stream of information grows larger every month. It follows that SDs carry a greater amount of information and therefore require a certain effort to decode their meaning and purport.

Lists with This Book. The speech of an. The spoken language has a considerable advantage over the written, in that the human voice comes into play. It follows then that the individual style of a writer is marked by its uniqueness.

Galperin I. A. Stylistics

This should to a very great extent be attributed to Caxton, the first English printer, who in his translations and in the books he printed used the current speech of London. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to establish any norm once and for all.

As soon as a thought has reached its full perfection, the word springs into being, offers itself, and clothes the thought. Paradoxal though it may seem, the norm can be grasped, nay, established, only when there are deviations from it. At the same time the linguist will be able to discern those potentialities of language means which hitherto were latent or, at the most, used only occasionally.


This definition indirectly deals with the idiosyncrasies peculiar to a given writer. Free Verse and Accented Verse ‘.

Masooque Karpov rated it it was amazing Apr 28, All these factors are, however, undoubtedly interwoven with individual style. However, it is well stylistivs that the search for adequate expression often takes an enormous amount of time and mental effort.

The language of a writer is sometimes regarded as alien to linguo-stylistics.

A somewhat broader view of style is expressed by Werner Winter who maintains that “A style may be said to be characterized by a pattern of recurrent selections from the inventory of optional features of a language. It was in this period, the 16th century, that a literary trend known as euphuism came into vogue.

Stylistics, sometimes called lingvo-stylisticsis a branch of general linguistics. The expressive means of English and the stylistic devices used in the literary language can only be understood and made use of when a thorough knowledge of the language-as-a-system, i. Well-formedness may be represented in a great number of concrete sentences allowing a considerable range of acceptability. Vachek of the Prague School of Linguistics states that “it is necessary to reject the possibility of the existence of an abstract, stylistlcs norm which subordinates written and oral norms in any of the natural languages.

The spoken language is maintained in the form of a dialogue, the written in the form of a monologue. The feeling for what is permissible and what is not, and mainly — a stylistis for the inner sense of these deviations and senseless ones, as has been pointed out, are naturally badis developed through an extensive 1study of our great Russian literature in all its variety, but of course in its best examples. The idea of individual style brings up the problem of the yalperin between thought and expression.

The main issues of this document, remarkable in many ways, centre around stylsitics use of words and set expressions.

That means the relations between the parts of the utterance must be precise.

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