Explore Rizalino Manipor’s board “bloodlines” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Game fowl, Hens and Chicken breeds. Very brainy and hardy, these chickens use an off-beat fighting style which twits the aggressive American type of gamefowl. Accurate body hitters and smart. Grey Fighting Style In most gamefowl fights in the past, the ‘Texas’ or the red gamefowl, often an imported American bloodline or cross was the llamado in.

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They are roosters with excellent cutting effectiveness. After fighting in the pit they either leave very injured from too much shuffling or clean and alive because Radios can win super fast against unwary offbeat gamefowl. The Radio breed has a tendency to cut too much.

Although low-stationed, Muffs have an unerring sense of accuracy when it comes to the cutting department. They are very hot cocks that always look for fight and many times when they are cut they become more aggressive. Although low-stationed, Muffs have an unerring sense of accuracy when it comes to the cutting department.

They are animals that take time to mature and that is why they should be fight after 2 years, although the ideal time would be 3. Currently, they are crossed with the sturdy and hardy lines to hopefully strike the perfect blend of fighting characteristics. Whitehackles have an average weight of 2 to 2.

As with many families, the origin of Sweater is mired by so many versions, some even contradictory.

The Cockfighting Site in the Philippines. Talisayin used to be regarded as an aberration or dehado when matched up with any red rooster or ‘Texas.

They are smart fighters. They are roosters of medium to high stature, with an average weight of 4 to 5. They are known for their high flying style and accurate cutting.

The Reb Williamson Albany is a power hitting rooster that is very active in the bloodoines. Whitehackes have nice broad shoulders, compact build and heavy plumage.

It is known as a vertical flyer, and is known to sidestep and counterattack. After all these years, the Typewriters still retain their traits as the best bloodlinew the Blues. These animals crossed with Sweater, Kelso and Radio obtain a higher advantage, that pure maybe lack.


For some American breeders they are the secret ingredient of their combat roosters.

PYLE Pyle is a plumage color that denotes one that is not red, grey or black. Remember that in the roosters there is no better or worse line simply have to try to acquire one based on your tastes and for a family to be bloodlined and excellent results will depend on good nutrition and vitamins for rooster fighting adequate.

Most are of mountain crest, very gameflwl of blopdlines crest, and sometimes they have white guides. Originally sired from the Hatch-Butcher-Claret blends of the late Duke Hulsey, Paeng created subfamilies from the original stocks. The best cockfighting breeds.

MUFF Eerie looking because of the feathers on its face, the Muff is known for its aggressive frontal fighting style. Basically from the Hatch-Butcher-Claret blends of the late Duke Hulsey, Paeng has been able to create sub-families from the original stocks.

If you mix it up with a faster bloodline it could help improve your fighting chances in combat. They can last a drag fight having deep game as well as fighting smarts.

Gamefowl Fighting Styles!

The Albany one is a rooster of power that is very active in the ring. Between their disadvantages they need gajefowl bite to throw, they are slow. They are phenotypically pretty roosters. It is a cutter rooster, very fast and straight to the shock.

Odds were always against the white feathered rooster or the so called Talisayin when matched with a Texas. Greys are aggressive and hard hitting game cocks that are as deadly as any red rooster in cutting and gameness.

Another outstanding fast cutting Black gamefowl in a class blodolines its own. They were notorious for being ‘one round or first buckle killer’ fighting birds being as deadly as they were.

Gamefowl Bloodlines « COCKFIGHTING

Dink Sweater Cardinal Kelso ]. They cross well with Clarets, Butchers, Greys, and of course, Hatches. Originated by the legend Paeng Araneta, Lemon 84 has become the base used by most Bacolod breeders. They can shuffle hit in the air and also on the ground without a bill gamfowl.


A medium stationed gamefowl known for its smart fighting style, and an offbeat sense of timing where it catches its opponent off-guard with powerful single stroke killing hits. The only guarantee is to know the bloodline so that you know it well enough to know its gamefwol and weaknesses.

Their feather color goes from yellow to golden; and their legs are blodolines colored. Roundheads are rather tricky to condition because they tend to mature or peak early as stags, so you must fight your best bird according to its state of readiness.

Accurate body hitters and smart side-steppers, asils are usually graded up to an eighth or even a sixteenth with gzmefowl American fowl in the hope of retaining the desirable cutting and off-beat traits of the Orientals in the resulting battlecrosss. The Whitehackles are regarded as a ring generals, gamefoql tactically and engaging its enemy from any position available due to their agility and shiftiness.

Find us on Facebook. Regular Grey is said to be a combination of three grey families: Due to its heavy build from 4lbs up to 6lbs, the Asil is a very hard hitting rooster and can bloodlinee an opponent just on bare heels alone. October 22, Gamefowwl a comment. These birds were mostly brown red in breast and feather color, with some showing ginger colors, but all showing dark legs and hazel eyes.

They are one of the best fighting rooster breeds that was originated by Jhonnie Jumper since a hybrid Whitehackle-Kelso rooster. His weight ranges from 4 pounds to 6 pounds. Radios can break high with the mortal slash, when their opponent is down the Radio is too fast with multi-shuffling hits on top of its enemy.

As Johnny Jumper says, they aren’t very smart fighters because they have only one direction–forward for the kill, win or lose.

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