Welcome to SAP SCM APO Global Available To Promise Wiki space. This is the WIKI starting point for topics around SCM APO Global. This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for analyzing sales order confirmation scenario from a Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) perspective in SAP. Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the.

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I found this definition from a link I provided in the references:. GATP looks out across gat; locations, for many periods, and can also return with changed proposals.

What percentage of this quantity is unconfirmed? How many vacation days do you get per Vadasami – Seattle, Washington. There is no one right supply planning method for all situations, even within one company!

See by clicking the image below:. Event-driven quantity assignment EDQA. What is the vacation policy like? Availability checking provides a more simple response to a request than GATP.

what is GATP?

Structure To support the analysis listed above, the structure of this view hierarchy contains the following reuse views: However, it is argued that the memory resident liveCache allows better results — however given that GATP is implemented most often in a very simply design, this argument seems a bit theoretical. These views are built on the Sales Order business object. Based on 1, salaries. After reading this book you will: However the actual agtp of the options is much different, and this agtp to the next point.

Notice that I have to declare the areas listed above.

This requires the set up of rules that control the ATP process. There are several types of availability checking available from different areas within SAP.


It is an AC against an allocation. This can be thought of as a buffer for GATP that is used to enhance performance. GATP looks out across many different plant to attempt to fulfill a demand. In branched batp chain networks, rules-based ATP allows companies to take full advantage of multiple shipping assets to ship goods from alternative sites to customers.

We can also use Amazon. Key measures in this reuse view provide information on the requested quantity and confirmed quantity. In short, global scenarios require global solutions.

SAP Apo Gatp Technical Jobs, Employment |

Job title, keywords, or company. July 5, at 4: You consent to receiving marketing messages from Indeed and may opt from receiving such messages by following the unsubscribe link in our messages, or as detailed in our terms.

Have a detailed understanding of the two primary data objects in APO: How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? Easily apply 13 days ago – save job – more Job title, keywords, or company. The Check Mode comes from the Product Master, and therefore definable per product, and is the scope of the check that is performed combined with the consumption of the forecast. This article describes a novel way of using allocations that are created in GATP to model supplier capacity.

These are all the options that appear for the Check Instructions. In both cases, this is an optional way of running the applications.

Therefore this is a good place to start in attempting to understand GATP availability checking. The ATP quantity referenced during the product availability check is based on categories defined in Scope of Check.

ATPPALStep Key attributes in this reuse view provide information on the order, order item, product allocation group, product allocation procedure, product allocation procedure index, and so on. An ATP tree structure contains, among other things, the requirements data dates, quantities spa sources of supply for the required finished products and components.


How many requirements underwent substitution?

SAP Library – Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP)

After the green checkbox button is selected, we then are taken to the ATP screen, which in this case shows a very large quantity of stock which can be committed against any potential sales order. Want to find out? Be able to set up master data objects for the supply network.

For these situations, PAL provides a tool to ensure a better distribution of the total amount when a company cannot deliver the full available quantity to saap customer. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.

The ATP requirement date code requires the date range type from the following input parameters:. When production is triggered, the system creates a feasible production plan that respects any material or capacity constraints. And while this is a desired state, unfortunately, there are many cases where companies make promises to customers without knowing if they can actually meet the demand.

It offers the functionality gwtp perform availability checks which consist of online searches that determine if requested products are available at requested times in the quantities that satisfy customer demand. For instance, it could set up the system to look in the same location for a substitutable product, in a different location for only the requested product, or some other combination.

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