Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Relay, Gefran. Main Product. Technical Reference. User’s manual GEFRAN Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Logic, Gefran series of Microprocessor Controllers support thermocouple. CONTROLLER USER’S MANUAL SOFTWARE VERSION x code L / Edition 15 – 07/ 1 • INSTALLATION Display Keys Accuracy • Dimensions.

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Gefran 600 PID controller: User Manual & Installation Guide

Unit with internal plug and complete rear socket. It can signal variations in load input by identifying the current value in ammeter input in the range It has 4 keys, two green LED displays, each with 4 digits, 4 gefraj signal LED’s for the 4 logic or relay outputs, and 3 other programmable LED’s to signal manuzl various operational states of the instrument.

Every variation in setpoint is subject to a gradient. The board is automatically recognized by the instrument, which enables display and setting of the parameters involved.

Sie eignet sich zur Steuerung von Wechselstromlasten manuak maximal V a. The controller supplies maximum power until an intermediate value between starting value and setpoint is reached, after which it zeros power. Suitable for piloting resistive loads up to a maxi- mum of 5A at V a. Suitable for piloting resistive loads up to a maximum of 5A at V a. Normally used as control output.


Use a cloth dampened in.

To mount two or more units side by side, respect the cut-out dimensions. It does not engage if the oscillations drop below 1. Don’t have an account? PID parameters gefrxn calculated by measuring overshoot and the time needed to reach peak.

In this way, you just have to set the setpoint and alarm, and launch selftuning from the button. Therefore, take appropriate precautions when handling electronic circuit boards in order to prevent permanent damage to these components.

Don’t show me this message again. A single switch can control several units.

Gefran 600 User Manual: User’s Manual

RS standard serial interface. All outputs alarms and controls are OFF logic level 0, relays de-energized and all unit functions are disabled except the switch-on function and digital communication. Do not clean the case with hydrocarbon-based solvents Petrol, Trichlorethylene, etc. Sie eignet sich zum Steuern von ohmschen Lasten bis maximal 5A bei V a. The serial communication option available in RS standard allows connection to supervision systems and PLCs with two protocols: The instrument can have up to 4 outputs: Page 31 Gefran By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Normally used to retransmit the probe value. Also See for User manual – 31 pages. If Inc, Dec, F keys are not pressed within 15 sec, display returns automatically to P. With logic input closed, a reset turns OFF both the relay outputs and the alarms latch. Turn on the instrument again T B. Adatta a pilotare carichi in ac sino ad un massimo di V a. Cooling PID parameters are therefore calculated based on heating parameters according to the specified ratio.

Configurable Controller – Gefran

The variable for example, temperature must be that gedran at zero power room temperature. It is enabled by means of configuration code AL. The alarm is reset automatically if its cause is eliminated.

It is enabled by means of configuration code AL. G and excludes deactivation from the keyboard. In addition to control and alarm outputs, you can have outputs that repeat the state of the digital or retransmission input by process variable, setpoint, drift, alarm limits and values acquired from serial line. Resolution 7 bit PWM. EMC conformity has been tested with the following connections.

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