Georgius Gemistus Pletho’s Criticism of Plato and Aristotle. A DISSERTATION. SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY. OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARTS AND. PLETHO, GIORGIUS GEMISTUS(c. –) Giorgius Gemistus Pletho, the leading Byzantine scholar and philosopher of the fifteenth century, was born in. George Gemistus Plethon. retrieved. 9 October place of birth · Constantinople. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · German Wikipedia.

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Gemistus Pletho – Wikidata

This page was last edited on 26 Marchat The autograph is in Venice and designated Marc. Retrieved from ” https: The quaternions in ff.

Poseidon himself rules the entire form of both the immortal and the mortal. There was a problem with your submission. Diller, ” The scholia on Strabo,” Traditio 10 29 f. Plethon’s claim is that, as we saw above, ” The preceding codices have much other material in common besides the apographs of Pletho’s autographs.

The first director of the Academy was Marsilio Ficino. Few of Plato’s writings were studied in the Latin West at that time, [15] and he essentially reintroduced much of Plato to the Western world, shaking the domination which Aristotle had come to exercise over Western European thought in the high and later middle ages.

I have inserted the bracketed numbers to identify the twelve points referred to by Plethon. Help us gsmistus this article!

In De Differentiis Plethon compares Aristotle’s and Plato’s conceptions of God, arguing that Plato credits God with more exalted powers as “creator of every kind of intelligible and separate substance, and hence of our entire universe”, while Aristotle has Him as only the motive force of the universe; Plato’s God is also the end and final cause of existence, while Aristotle’s God is only the end of movement and change.


I argue that Plethon takes the position he does because his interpretation of the Platonic God better fits plegho own neo-pagan theological conceptions.

Jaeger, Diokles von Karystos Bessarion himself refers to it on f. George Gemistus PlethonPlethon also spelled Plethoborn c. Paris,4: Marci, codex Venetusqui Plethonis autographus creditur, in quo istud additamentum, scholii instar, initio Zoroastreorum ad marginem ascriptum est.

Later, when the great Medici brought his great idea into being, he destined me, the son of his favorite doctor, while I was still a boy, for the great task. If one, motivated by prudence about considerations of what is necessary, will also really be prudent, then one ought to acknowledge and be mindful of these things. This resulted from his membership in the Byzantine delegation to the Council of Ferrara-Florence in The Grimani library was lodged in the monastery of San Antonio in Venice and suffered a gradual dilapidation during the 16th and 17th centuries, so that its contents are now scattered piecemeal Why then did Pletho attend the Council of Ferrara-Florence and evidently acquiesce in the act of union?

Ciriaco may have drawn on Plutarch Numa 18 f. This claim, as we shall see, is consistent with Plethon’s position in the Summary. This work, the Book of Lawswas not discovered until after his death. They were probably Laur. Giorgius Gemistus Pletho, the leading Byzantine scholar and philosopher of the fifteenth century, was born in Constantinople, the son of a cleric.

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Palaeologus and his son Theodore, despot of the Morea; W. Plethon’s Reply was written shortly thereafter. This apparently is a reference to Avicennae Metaphysices CompendiumLatin trans. This excerpt begins where the 3-mss.


George Gemistus Plethon | Byzantine philosopher |

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Despite some modern opinion to the plehto, Pletho’s apostasy from Christianity seems certain. The issue was not its eternality, but, rather, its generation. Among the refugees who reached Naples were disciples of Pletho who gave Georgius Trapezuntius details of their master’s death However, the subsequent dispute between Plethon and Scholarios does.

Gass, Gennadius und Pletho Item Plethonis historica quaedam, in papyro, propriis litteris ejus. Gemistis, at least, we know something of the substance of the work.

However, a large number of Plethon’s autograph manuscripts ended up in the hands of his former student Cardinal Bessarion. Further on in the codex ff.

Gemistus Pletho

Rut it also gives some modern information of interest for the history of geography and of Pletho himself. Bessarion item had given no warning; Morelli’ gemiwtus catalogue did not reach this codex; and so far as I knew then 3 no one had observed that Marc.

The neatly written codices look more like calligraphic copies than autographs of an aged author; but there are no apographic errors, rather a few small additions and alterations, the latter in one place effected by carefully pasting in bits of paper f. He preferred to consort with the Italian humanists, themselves fascinated by his knowledge of the works of Plato, which had for centuries been virtually unknown to the West.

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