The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in in Elbert County, Georgia, .. The Georgia Guidestones Movie · The Georgia Guidestone Guidebook – Elberton Granite () · Roadside Georgia · Georgia Guidestones . The Georgia Guidestones may be the most enigmatic monument in The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook Published by Elberton Granite in. The Georgia Guidestones is a monument of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. and the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled to the world on the spring.

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We must make humanity aware that acceptance of compassionate, enlightened reason will let us control our destiny within the limits inherent in our nature. There never was a neatly dressed visitor, there never was a conversation about a monument. Happy Life Children’s Home.

The monument is, therefore, proof of an existing link between secret societies, the world elite and the push for a New World Order. Its tenets advocate reason in place of revelation, a viewpoint that is obviously shared by the authors of the Guidestones.

Called the Georgia Guidestones, the monument is a mystery—nobody knows exactly who commissioned it or why. Society should not encourage or subsidize such behavior. Cover of the Georgia Guidestones Guidebook.

In this world, we play a central role in an eternal struggle between good and evil—between the forces which build and those which would destroy. Christian a pseudonyn [ sic ].

As you can see, the guidelines call for a drastic reduction of the world population, the adoption of new a world language, the creation of a world court and vague allusions to eugenics. Meanwhile, the shadowy organization behind the Guidestones is now orchestrating a “planetary gjidebook Weidner believes, that began with the recent collapse of the US financial system and will result eventually in major disruptions of oil and food supplies, mass riots, and ethnic wars worldwide, all leading up to the Big Event on December 21, If we gukdestones followed God’s 10 Guifestones we wouldn’t have an issue with over-population, war, disease, crime, etc.


Northeast Georgia Mountains Travel Association. When I ask whether he’s prepared to take what he knows to his grave, Martin replies that Christian would want him to do just that: Dice, of course, is far from the only person with a theory about the Guidestones. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A special burner essentially guifestones narrowly focused rocket motor used to cut and finish large blocks of granite was trucked to Elberton to clean and size the stones, and a pair of master stonecutters was hired to smooth them.

The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook

Using preservation of nature as a pretext to enslave and reduce humanity. Jay Weidner, a former Seattle radio commentator guidextones erudite conspiracy hunter, has heavily invested time and energy into one of the most popular hypotheses.

Chinese and Arabic inscriptions of the Georgia Guidestones. Whoever the anonymous architects of the Guidestones were, they knew what they were doing: Who has the means, the motive and the opportunity. Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Quietly standing in Elberton County, the Guidestones will probably gain in relevancy in the next years.


Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones

Christian’s correspondence came from different cities around the country,” Martin says. By this time, Martin no longer questioned Christian’s secrecy.

Yoko Ono praised the inscribed messages as “a stirring call to rational thinking”, guidebkok Wired stated that unspecified opponents have labeled them as the “Ten Commandments of the Antichrist “.

Steve Sanford Fendley is now deceased, but shortly after the Guidestones went up, an Atlanta television reporter asked what he was thinking when he first heard Christian’s plan.

Georgia Guidestones – Wikipedia

Cultural inertias are not easily overcome. The engraved suggestion to keep humanity’s population below million could have been made under the assumption that war had already reduced humanity below this number. Channel through stone indicates celestial pole 2. Only one man knows who created them—and he’s not talking. God issued guidestonse commandments, now the devil has 10 guidelines.

All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from October CS1 maint: Five massive slabs of polished granite rise out of the earth in a star pattern.

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