arwiki غياث الدين بلبن ألغ خان; azbwiki غیاث الدین بلبن; azwiki Sultan Qıyasəddin Balaban; bnwiki গিয়াসউদ্দিন বলবন; cawiki Balban; enwiki Ghiyas ud din. Ghiasuddin Balban is the greatest Sultan of the Slave dynasty and an extremely Buried, The burial chamber of Ghiyas ud din Balban is famous as the Tomb of. Nasir-ud-din-Mahmud was just a nominal King; the real power was in the hands of Ghiyas-ud-din Balban, a slave of Iltutmish, who belonged to.

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Their women and children were made slaves. The army was defeated and finally West Bengal was re-conquered only when the army was led by Balban.


He deployed the fierce Afghan troops in the Doab region to crush the rebellion there. The army also was supervised by Imad al- Mulk, who was regarded as a competent officer. However he was ghiyasuddn of the greatest Sultans of Delhi Sultanate. Balban wanted to make sure everyone was loyal to the crown by establishing an efficient espionage system, in the style of the Umayyad Barid. The Sultan found that the land possessed by unfit army.

His other son, Bughra Khan, was reluctant to assume the throne, and sought to remain the ruler of Bengal instead.

Ghiyas ud din Balban – Wikidata

The Sultan was buried in this building and I have visited his tomb…. The old Muqta’s, who could not serve as military commanders emirs for their revenue, were to be dismissed from their fief and settled with a pension of forty to fifty tankas.


However he proved himself to be more than an equal for them. He then built military outposts, gave land to soldiers and Afghans to settle. Zaminbos, the Persian culture, was introduced by him.

Haibat Khan, another influential member of the Forty and governor of Awadh, had killed a man while he was drunk with wine. Ghiasuddin Balban believed that a king is the deputy of God on earth bslban had unparalleled powers. He was loyal to Raziya in his early days. Balban Belonged to the famous band of 40 group of Turkic slaves of Iltutmish.

Bengal was far away from Delhi and the Sultan was very old. As a result, the real power gradually passed into the hands of Balban. He put down a number of internal rebellions and also checked the external aggressions especially of Mongols. He to his credit, guided the destinies of the Sultanate for a long period of forty years, twenty as prime minister and twenty as Sultan.

Ghiasuddin Balban Biography, History and Facts

He had not forgotten that they had reduced the Sultan to the position of a figure-head by usurping all his powers.

Besides this incident, he faced another problem as the robbers surrounded Delhi.

He spread his spies throughout the country and used them to gather information about all political developments and conspiracies. Ghiasuddin Balban very efficiently put down rebellions that surrounded during his reign. This enraged Balban so much that he ordered Amin-Khan to be hanged publicly. From the beginning he was in the good books of his master and eventually became one of the Chalgan, a group of the forty most ghiyasuddi nobles of the court.


Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban-A Pining Father

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There was no new conquests made by Balban, he mainly focused on consolidating his authority in existing territories of the sovereign. Today, Tomb of Balban wherein a true arch and a true dome were built of the first time in India, lies within the Mehrauli Archaeological Park in Delhi, adjacent to which stands that of his son Khan Shahid and wall mosque.

Balban attempted to bring Tughral back to allegiance by peaceful negotiation and persuasion.

As a result of the victory of the Mongols, the authority of Balban was restricted to the Lahore region. A Textbook of Medieval Indian History. He sent his army against the Mewatis and massacred them.

Bengal was always ghiyasuddij headache to the Delhi Sultanate. Next he was successful in destroying the power and influence of the corps of forty which was the greatest obstruction in the path of his royal despotism. Balban employed spies, baridsto inform on his officials.

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