You can find them at ) As I read this book written by Gingery, I noticed that the molds were machined with a lathe and made from aluminum. The general agreement here is that the gingery lathe is a POS, and that you should only build one for practice, not for actually using it. ive been a member here for some time mostly just reading and now this section has been added i may be able to contribute. this is my casting project. i.

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Gingery Lathe Re-hashed

Please check your email to confirm. I althe all of my effort on rebuilding and buying tooling for the Craftsman lathe that was given to me. These are more expensive per pound and less desirable than cast iron, but they’re still better than aluminum. All times are GMT. It is like a right of passage to make one of those and at the end you have both a lathe and a manly beard, a ginger coloured one at that.

Gingery is noted for using basic methods, seldom used today, in order to make it possible for a skilled hobbyist to build the machines in the book series, usually without the aid of power tools or other expensive instruments.

It’s a way to make a surface plate by lapping two sheets of plate glass which are already very flat. Fine sand from the bottom of a Virginia trout stream mixed with bentonite clay for a binder was my molding sand. If you have never used a metal cutting lathe and gingedy to build a Ginery based lathe it will be a great learning experience, and you will never know the difference from a REAL lathe of the same size and the Gingery lathe.

  KIWA7 LA-5082P PDF

Here you can see the headstock just after I finished boring it. I hope you enjoy it but most of all, I hope that it encourages you to try to make one for yourself. It would be nice to have an array of chucks to reduce set-up time. Preloaded ball bearing sets would also be okay if they were beefy enough.

In addition to the Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap series, Dave Gingery and his son Vincent have published a large number of booklets on shop practices, engine construction and mechanical miscellanea.

David J. Gingery

In the meantime, keep making stuff! Also, you mentioned “beefing” up the patterns would this still be needed with the cast iron? The time now is This maker really sets the standard. You can find them at www. You will also understand how to ginvery patterns and have some ability to predict where you will need risers when making a new part.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The lathe and foundry are then used to make more complicated machine tools. Think like the bolts you’d use to secure an lathee head to its block.

Get the Magazine Make: I hope to post about today’s casting tonight. Please check your email to confirm. An Engineer’s job is not done when he can’t add anything else, but when he can no longer take anything away. Retrieved from ” https: Thanks for the encouraging words, Gerrit.

So I started looking around on the Internet and was pricing lathes. There is another book by Gingery, not usually counted as part of the series, entitled Building a Gas Fired Crucible Furnacewhich can be substituted for that describing the charcoal foundry.


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No doubt you are seeing that tape. Our editors will review your materials and follow up with you via email as soon as possible. Also, aluminum used unprotected in the bearing surfaces of the slides is soft.

The object is to make them like one piece of material. Views Read Edit View history. If you use bolts or screws, use multiple rows instead of one row down the center, and use graded hardware tightened to its max torque spec. There’s a reason cast iron is used for machine tools: As a result the project lathe has set on the shelf slowly decaying away.

I’d love to have a lathe but there’s no way I can afford to buy one, ggingery a harbour freight one. Next I bought the rest of the books in the series. He was also a devoted amateur musician primarily tenor banjo and vocalist performing the music of the Great American Songbook and classic country. Just watching his experienced lateh is althe show in itself.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. My question is, what are the specific issues with the Gingery lathe and how could we fix those issues? My problem has been my sloppy manufacturing and slipping drive belts and pulleys. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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