Has anybody created Gotrek and Felix characters for ST yet? I thought I’d ask before I tried it myself – In case anybody has tried who has more. Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a Gotrek is also a very grim and moody figure, even by Dwarven standards, and possesses the same stubborn character, obsession with honour, . As a result, Grey Seer Thanquol gains the Hatred (Gotrek & Felix) special rule and Gotrek & Felix may not use their Magic Resistance against.

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Felix is a human with a swordsman’s physique and long blond hair, who favors a gtorek shirt and red cloak. The outlandishness and impossibility of the tales in question have brought most of its readers, including Otto, to believe it to be pure fiction. It is proven fact that most Skaven armies or forces led by Thanquol are either wiped out or suffer extremely high casualties even by Skaven standards.

They must be fielded exactly as detailed below, and may not be given any additional equipment or magic items. A massive sweetheart for a Dwarf, he’s good friends with Felix as well. Grey Seer Thanquol is one of the most recurrent enemies of Gotrek and Felix, a rarity in that he has encountered the pair more than once and lived to tell the tale.

As a Dwarf, Gotrek hates all Greenskins, and pursues and flees 2D”. You currently have javascript disabled. As they journeyed fslix, Felix and Kat began to feel affection for each other; while Felix initially had misgivings about falling in love with a woman half his age, whom he’d known as a child, after rescuing Kat from bandits who’d abducted her, Felix accepted what he felt, and the pair became lovers.

Your ad here, right now: So you ended up with titles such as Trollslayer, Skavenslayer, An etc.

Originally a slightly disgraced wizard, having been expelled from the Imperial College for his insistence that Chaos must be understood if it is to be defeated, Max was hired to magically ward the airship. It is hinted at during Realmslayer that he might of survived. His quest to find death at the hands of a worthy opponent has yet to be fulfilled, but in his search he has slain monsters, Skaven, Orcs, Beastmen and Goblins beyond count.

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Gotrek and Felix

Afterward the dwarf lord sentences Gotrek to an unnamed fate, at which Gotrek kills the Lord and his bodyguard and all others that do not flee. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide gootrek perspective.

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In practice this is because the ones that are part of the main story follow this pattern, the side stories don’t. A badass Gold later retconned to Light Wizard and scientist gotrrek accompanies Gotrek, Felix, and bunch of other Dwarfs on a giant air battleship to investigate the fate of the lost hold Karak Dum, in the Chaos Wastes.

Gotrek & Felix – 1d4chan

This enchanted sword thirsts for the blood of Dragons, urging its wielder to confront these monstrous beasts feoix imbuing them with unnatural ferocity and speed.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The most manly dwarfy Dwarf ever, he’s butchered his way through so many legions of nad, horrors and demigods it just makes your balls shrivel in honest to gods jealousy and more than a little fear.

May 11 She returned in Manslayerseemingly wanting to patch things up with Felix, but once again their differences now predator and prey prevented a complete reconciliation and she abandoned Felix and Gotrek to fight fellow vampires, forced to abide her “mother’s” command to kill them.

Gotrek, son of Gurni: Gotrek and Felix Gotrek Gurnisson is certainly the most, or the least, successful Slayer in this age of the world. In a vision of the Slayer’s past seen by Arek Demonclaw, it is shown that after returning from his first incursion into the Chaos Wastes, Gotrek found his wife and children dead.

Ads by Project Wonderful! He and Gotrek go way, way back, when they were the sole survivors of an expedition to the Wnd Wastes. Retrieved from ” https: September Learn how and when rulees remove this template message. The Dwarf Ancestor Gods seem to have gotrei plan fules Gotrek, driving him towards an unknown doom. The characters and name of a classic series from GW’s Black Librarythe series is on the top tier of the library’s publications alongside Gaunt’s Ghosts gorrek Dan Abnett.


The first twelve books of the series, from Trollslayer to Zombieslayer, have been reprinted in four Gotrek and Felix Omnibus collections. Though he is not shown to have died unlike everyone else, a character mentions that Malakai died; so the story killed him off in a footnote. Ulrika eventually grows close to Max after he saves her from a Nurglite plague and a lot of unrequited attention, ending her relationship with Felix. Initially involved in a love triangle with Felix and the Kislevite noblewoman Gotdek who later became a vampire, for reasons too idiotic to go intowhich was a source of pointless tension between them and prevented them from becoming real friends, even though holy shit!

Gotrek Gurnisson is the most accomplished Slayer in the Warhammer world, having felled mighty creatures from the Badlands to the Realms of the Chaos.

Gotrek & Felix

Please note, this is taken from the GW site flix permission. This shit here is real tragedy, you stone-hearted monsters. Gotrek finally kills him, reluctantly, after Snorri recovers his memory and confesses to Gotrek, thereby technically fulfilling the sad old Dwarf’s Slayer oath.

Teclis of the White Tower: This article has multiple issues. He is seemingly impossible to kill, having survived, among other things, a single combat with a Bloodthirster of Khorne, being hit by a stone hurled by a trebuchet, being catapulted into an orc ship and falling three hundred feet off a cliff.

Complete idiot without two brain cells to rub together, he’s still a badass and can almost keep up with Gogrek. Warhammer Fantasy Black Library Dwarfs.

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