Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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Slope towards north or east showers bountiful blessings on the inhabitant.

For this house the gates be provided in recdy northeast, exalted east, western northwest and exalted west; or in eastern northeast and southern southeast. The phenomenon results in fire accidents, robberies, apart from causing change of place to the inhabitants. In case of northeastern block, if the roads in east and north are vaastu in such a way, that the northeastern tip of the plot is projected, the residents of such plot lead a fabulous life and their progeny would prove to be highly intellectual and possess moral and sacrificial values.

But Tirupai in the south – Lessens the life line beyond synth. Similarly the science of Vaasthu, has also been kept in dark for quite some time and now the time has come for all of us to study the science as a means to achieve universal peace and tranquillity.

It has come true onwhen a lady, 4 devotees and 2 guards were killed: Similarly contraction of northern northwest of a site is permissible and not that of the house. Some selfish individuals are cheating the gullible public by subverting the tenets of the great science of astrology. Significance of Eight Directions: December, 4th Edition: Sarada Reddy for her relentless efforts in effecting corrections tirypati the final proof. It is advisable to acquire an additional site located towards the east or north of the existing house.

The same fact is confirmed by Bruhat Samhita, the great celestial science written by Varaha Mihira. But the science of Vaasthu explains this phenomenon in a scientific manner and states, that Tirupati became popular only on account of the existence of a pond in the northeast and high hillocks in west and south, to the main temple whereas Srikalahasthi remained as an ordinary pilgrim centre, because it has hillocks in northeast and a vaetu in west, both being negative features of Vaasthu.


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When a house is constructed in the site having roads in north and south, the gates must be put in the compound wall, in northern northeast, exalted north, southern south east and exalted south. Same feeling makes me think of the universal phenomenon like earth, sun, airand water, which possess a sort of natural discipline in them, on vstu of which, they cast homogeneous influence on all the living beings.

Scientists have proved that the sun rays have many positive effects on human body.

This is sung in praise of the king. Today, ecology and holism express this same underlying principle in pure science terms. Albeit the name of the saint Kasyapa had not been included in the above list of preceptors of Vaasthu. That is why our ancestors had presented Surya Namaskaras as alma medica for best physique.

Mesha to Vrishabha, two Annex not the southeastern plot – Tribulate not the troubles on spot. The globe started rotating around itself and in course of time got split into various fragments. A gate in eastern northeast or in the exalted east should be provided in compound wall, to the house built in this site. Comics And General Novels. Prescribed by the Scriptures, aloft. Only the wise can reflect on this logic.

The Secret World of Vaasthu 45 PPOOO should be constructed in the east f ollowing Dhwajaayam, kitchen in southeast following Dhoomaayambed room in south following Simhaayam, armoury in southwest based on Shwanaayam, dininghall in west based on Vrishabhaayam, cattle shed in northwest based on Kharaayamtreasury in north based on Gajaayam, prayer room in northeast following Kaakaayam.

tirupatl This was written by Sukhananda Yathi in 12th century AD. The Secret World of Vaasthu 55 advisable to select a site, which is cut off in any direction. Water is the compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the ratio of 2: Exlude Out of Stock.

The projections should emanate below the roof level, This will augur well and attract riches.

Vaastu shastra,vastu compas,vastu professional

That tour enlarged my knowledge and gave the exposure and experience to guide others in the field of Vaasthu. Vaasthu Shastrada Vasthavagalu Part 2. Another instance of such incongruity can be seen in the calculation of Ayanas, signifying the movement of the sun towards north vastj south. Envisages ill health and bad omens. The Secret World of Vaasthu firupati houses, this too is laudable. But it is not brought to light and lacked propaganda.


Sites possessing roads in north and south, with northern road less elevated than the southern road; Sites having road in eastern side which gourh less elevated than the site and there are multistoried buildings in west and yirupati Sites having road in northern side which is less elevated than the site and there are multistoried buildings in west and south; Sites having roads only in north, south and eastern sides and the eastern or northern road is more elevated than the site; Sites having the western road more elevated than those in north and east; Sites having roads on three sides and the roads in east and north are more elevated than the site; Sites having roads in east, north and west and the western road is less elevated than the plot; Sites having roads in east, north and south with the southern road less elevated than the site; All are treated as second tirupaati sites.

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Two terminal parts of the northern lateral side towards east make northern northeast, two terminal parts of the northern lateral side towards west make northern northwest and the remaining five parts are to be construed as northern portion.

If higher than southwest it is an ill omen. The following method has been suggested for finding out Aayam. The sun, the stars and several other planets like the deddy and the moon are revolving and rotating in this ethereal space in their respective orbits, due to their own and other governing gravitational forces. We are on tirupat other hand, a bit poor in making or knowing the wonders of the nature.

To ensure Well in north — An arm of benediction and warmth.

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