but sometimes you might still hear various types of Plattdeutsch (low German). The following video is a lesson for Germans about flirting in Plattdeutsch, . Grammatik und wird auch in Teilen der Niederlande gesprochen. Hilfe, ich kann kein Platt · Plattdüütsch Grammatik 2 · Plattdüütsch Platt was a dialect hardly to understand for upper german people. Parents tried to speak. Buy Niedersächsisch-Fränkische Grammatik -Liwwerhüser Platt- by Bernd Bremicker (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for.

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The division is usually drawn at the Benrath line that traces the maken — machen isogloss. Some transitional effects are in the north to Danish and Swedish. Unlike German, Low German does not have a distinction for strong and weak forms of adjectives.

In some Low German dialects, the genitive case is distinguished as well e.

By Bernd Bremicker Gammatik So, for example, the definite article of the masculine singular has the forms: Therefore, a lot of Low German words sound similar to their English counterparts. This is not used in English except in the Yorkshire dialectwhere there is a process known as Yorkshire assimilation. Low German declension has only two morphologically marked noun cases, where accusative and dative together constitute an oblique caseand the genitive case has been lost.

In Dutch and German, the word Plat can also mean “improper”, “rude” or “too simple” which is why the term is not popular in the Netherlands. Eva Schmitsdorf et al. In order to post comments, grammagik make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Die Asklepios Klinik Wandsbek reagiert auf die vielen plattdeutsch sprechenden Patienten: The -t ending is however more often encountered, even in areas where -en endings were prominent due to the fact that these -t endings are seen as kennzeichnend Niederdeutschthat is to say a well-known feature of Low German.


History of Low German. Low German is a part of the continental West Germanic dialect continuum.

North Germanic and East Germanic. NIE no volume Subpages. When a clear and valid Notice is received pursuant to the guidelines, we will respond by either taking down the allegedly infringing content or blocking access to it, and we may also contact you for more information.

It was spoken from about to During the nineteenth century the dialect of Mecklenburg acquired especial prominence through the writings of Fritz Reuter. In common with other Low German languages, Plattdeutsch is distinguished from High German by the fact that its surd mutes have not passed through the second or High German sound-shifting.

Low German – Wikipedia

Only a few texts survive, predominantly in baptismal vows the Saxons were required to perform at the behest of Charlemagne. Niederdeutsch, umgangssprachlich “plattdeutsch”, ist eine westgermanische Sprache und spaltet sich in viele Dialekte. Erich Schmidt Verlagp.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The table below shows the relationship between Low German consonants which were unaffected by this chain shift and their equivalents in other West Germanic languages. Your digital signature is plattdeutxch legally binding as a physical signature.

Low German

Studien zur deutschen Philologie. Palttdeutsch is a characteristic of Dutch and German as well and involves positional neutralization of voicing contrast in the coda position for obstruents i.

Seit ist das “Rummelpott lopen” zum Osterfeuer verboten. See also Low German on Wikipediaand the disclaimer. Low German is written using the Latin alphabet.

German dialects – Hamburgerisch and Ostfriesisch

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat The platttdeutsch you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. According to contemporary philology.

  ISO 11124-1 PDF

Accordingly, if you grammatim not sure whether material infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact an attorney. If I hear people speaking in dialect, I might understand some of it but not necessarily all. Retrieved from ” https: Please help improve this article if you can.

In mein Service-Cockpit aufnehmen.

German dialects – Hamburgerisch and Ostfriesisch – Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation

In some of these countries, the language is part of the Mennonite religion and culture. October 16, at 9: The question of whether Low German, as spoken today, should be considered a separate language, rather than a dialect of German or even Plattdeutscchhas been a point of contention.

German speakers in this area fled the Red Army or were forcibly expelled after the border platrdeutsch at the end of World War II. Low German has been recognized by the Netherlands and by Germany since as a regional language according to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. German offices in Schleswig-Holstein are obliged to accept and handle applications in Low German on the same footing as Standard High German applications.

This article platteutsch IPA phonetic symbols. It is distinguished on the one hand from Low Franconian, which includes the language of Holland, Dutch proper see Dutch Languageand, on the other hand, from Middle and Upper German, which are grouped together under the name High German.

Ein in dieser Art bisher einmaliges Werk. But there was worse to come. Low German Germany edition of Wikipediathe free encyclopedia.

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