I recently decided to feed my obsessive nature by creating an interactive/fillable version of the GURPS 4e character sheet. It can be found here. BASIC LIFT (ST × ST)/5 ______ DAMAGE Thr ______ Sw ______. BASIC SPEED ______ [ ] BASIC MOVE ______ [ ]. ENCUMBRANCE. MOVE. DODGE. Save to Load Start a new sheet new .. resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy .

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When interractive happy with the quirks you can. Will I be able to input my own homebrew advantages, disadvantages, and so on? Choose your starting number of character points. October 09, Character Sheet No Attribute Calculation Blank character sheet, as above, except Attribute costs only are not calculated.

[GURPS] I have finally finished online character sheet support : rpg

Yes, spells are supported. I think the tab order should be consistent and logical throughout, so in theory you could work through the entire sheet by hitting Tab and entering info.

Techlevel TL levels above below campaign tech level. Friend of GURPS Matt has suggested a random character generator and we got to chatting; we decided random characters may be too random but maybe people would girps to Save their characters to vonexplaino.

Page 1 of 5. Find More Posts by rlbeaver. Find More Posts by Lupo. Originally Posted by mook Oops, apparently it is something I can do on my end who knew? Because it was written from the ground up for Windows, and there’s no convenient translation path. Live links to various places on the SJ Games site, as appropriate, including: All information taken from this forum post.


No big deal since most people would be doing that anyway, but I thought I’d mention. Set in the multi-dimensional city of Locus. If your character has an exceptional appearance, great charisma, a resonant voice or one or more odious personal habits then specify them here.

Why isn’t Hero selling it any longer? Advantages and disadvantages Choose the advantages and disadvantages your character has. What have you added? What’s next in your pipeline?

aheet Includes the Posture rules from page 99 of Martial Arts. September 15, In Defense of House Stark All of the notes and characters for a convention game of bikers and werewolves I ran at Gatewayas described in this post.

Why is the first printing of GCB numbered Version 2. I’m really looking for a good way to wrangle character sheets in my new favorite system. What language is this in? Does it contain every skill from every book ever published? Thank you for the feedback! It can be found here. Find More Posts by panton There are literally hundreds of new features and fixes.

If it is possible to create 4e templates for GCB, we are happy that there are those who want to do it, and we have no desire to exercise any more control over the creation and distribution of such templates than we do over other GCB templates. Here you specify how your character’s technology knowledge relates to the technology level surrounding your character, and the character’s literacy. Why isn’t there a Mac or Linux version? Bunnies and Burrows game I ran at Gatewayas outlined here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


GURPS Character Sheet

Will source be available? Each point above 10 costs you 10 character points for Strength or Health and 20 character points for Dexterity or Intelligence. Users get all the same tools to create game system templates that the developers do. Originally Posted by mook. You can add up to five ‘quirks of character’, each will give you an additional point to spend, like a -1 point disadvantage. September 6, Locus: When you’re happy with the wealth and influence you can. You can buy equipment, but since that’s not listed ssheet you should do that elsewhere.

Once you’ve selected your character points. Please keep keep giving me feedback to improve the tool, I’m very grateful for all correspondence received. Completed sheets will look identical to the non-interactive sheet, with the sole exception of individual DR locations in the DR box.

Secondary characteristics Note that the secondary characteristics highlighted in the previous step have been calculated based on what you chose. If you have quite a few skills with only 1 point in them and a few techniques, you can run out of rows on that table pretty quickly.

I switch back and forth between mac and linux and find their native PDF viewers useful enough I only use Interaxtive if there are problems with the native ones.

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