I’ve done subjective comparisons of the Ritual Path Magic system before, but I haven’t ever spoken directly to the book in which it is contained. GURPS: Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic. Yes, the much anticipated new supplement has been released upon the world, with little fanfare. THE MAGIC IN YOUR MIND U. S This book reveals a mental magic that assures success, consciousness THE_MAG GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path.

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You Can Do Anything! The basic concept behind Ritual Path magic is irtual casters must learn Paths; each Path represents a subject think “Noun” or “Realm”; e. The book starts with a 10 page chapter on the core advantages and skills for learning the system in game, then a 9 page chapter on the execution of the core mechanics, a 15 page chapter on advanced details, a 12 page chapter example spell list, and then a 3 page example critical failure table.

T here is no such thing as a “universal magic system”; by its very definition, magic is something that works differently depending on who you’re asking. But like I said, the information on a first read through, and refresher read-throughs is very well presented. Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas thaumatoogy 2: We start with a discussion of relevant advantages, each with detailed rules for flexibility, some being based on existing advantages from the basic set, repurposed from the vanilla magic system, but some being brand new and purpose built for Ritual Path Magic.

This doesn’t apply to using Intimidation, Fast-Talk, Sex Appeal, or other uses or coercion or trickery, however.

The price scaling means modest bonuses can be afforded by players with just a little money to spend, but gigantic bonuses require gigantic sums of money. There are, in fact over 80 spells, which is a very generous offering in my opinion.


GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic. A lot of the information on pages needs to be used in tandem, but there is a lot of text, though very helpful, only serves to drive me mad with page flipping. There is an aside on p. Using the decanic trappings gives a more objective, but less creative flair to the default energy discount system, Traditional Trappings. I’d have liked it in an appendix, but it is big enough that finding it isn’t too thaumatolovy.

GURPS: Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic

Far from complete and begging for a series of Pyramid articles to expand upon them. That said, a few questions have come up which are so generic and universal that I think they’re well worth answering here. This supplement empowers you to:.

The book does have magc lot of things I think it does well, and a lot of thaumatolpgy I think it could do better, but overall, that’s meaningless in the face of how awesome the system is underneath all of the physical trappings of the writings therein.

Master the traits necessary to become a Ritual Path magician, from specialized advantages to the core and Path skills behind every spell.

Due to this open-ended nature, I have no desire to lock down every aspect of the system. A very interesting sub-system for finding grimoiresbooks that give bonuses to casting spells, and for pricing them out is included, and I find it a surprisingly helpful and welcome inclusion. Sorceryanother self-contained system that models magic as a power and spells as mystical advantages the sorcerer can draw upon instinctively, magci, and repeatedly!

In addition, effects are rated as Lesser or Greater based on how blatant or game-breaking they are; Greater effects raise the spell’s energy cost even more. At 52 pages, cover to cover, it could have been longer. You’re likely to get a faster answer that way, and I assure you that if it seems like it belongs here, I’ll put it here.


As an added bonus, the patu all have a continuous anecdote reflecting on the story of Cole Jenkins. You can’t counter such a powerful ritual with thousands of minor-spell castings.

Sometimes, I take the reference appendices for granted, but this is one time where I feel like it is a critical omission. Ritual Path Magicwhere there’s a will, there’s a way!

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic by Steve Jackson Games – PDF Drive

Casters use these Paths to work rituals. In this case, you are making the choice for him. But the examples used to illustrate the rules were also verbatim copied from the MH materials, and while I’m sure they’re fine, there was a squandered opportunity to expand upon the global set of examples in circulation by using different ones that highlighted the same concepts in slightly different ways, without over-blowing word count.

Other than that, the pull quotes are good, and the art seems consistent. Acquaint yourself with the benefits and pitfalls of various methods for making spell-casting easier, including charms, elixirs, grimoires, places of power, enchanted items, and more.

A short Grimoire of pre-built spells to serve as examples for those of us who learn best by examples.

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