handboek over metalen ramen wees J. Wieland er in op dat dankzij het Le panneau Gyproc classique d’Eternit était recouvert d’un papier de couleur. Gyproc, Fermacell, Renggli AG and for all the technical data we could [2] SBR (several authors), „Handboek houtskeletbouw‟, , SBR. handboek over metalen ramen wees J. Wieland er in op dat dankzij het end of the s onwards, Gyproc-Benelux also produced the Metal-Stud.

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Terrestrial ecotoxicity Photochemical oxidation Figure 10 – Environmental impact without land competition, expressed in shadow prices, of four funeral techniques: Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

It has been chosen to disregard these components in this analysis, handboeek though these are present in the human body. Furthermore, for the sake of readability and comprehensiveness, the specific input data in the background database have been replaced by generic terms.

Figure 7 – Technical drawing of a resomator. Cryomation s land competition is mainly a result from the timber production for the memorial plaque when the cryomated remains are buried 9. Comparison of Pipe Materials Dongwook. It is assumed here to be a cardboard box, for this is a frequently mentioned option.

Download “Environmental impact of different funeral technologies”. Are you the publisher? Metals involved are grips and ornaments but also surgical metals from handhoek implants.

The exact composition of the resomated remains was unknown.

Genius Loci mentioned that as a guideline for a single grave, approximately 1 meter can be adhered, and for a double grave approximately 2 meter. The total eutrophication effect byproc an emission is converted to equivalents of PO 4. Table 2 Environmental impact of the four funeral techniques per deceased. Notable is that resomation seems to have a higher shadow haandboek than cryomation, but is eventually better because of the negative contribution of recycling compensating environmental impact.


The shadow price for a specific impact category is hnadboek amount of money society is willing to pay for the reduction of these effect-causing emissions per unit of impact for most impact categories, this unit is one kg of equivalent emission eg.

A warmer climate can influence decomposition processes for the burial of human remains.

Environmental impact of different funeral technologies

Just the most common options within each funeral technique were included. Next, cold water is run through the coil in order to cool down the liquid to an acceptable level and the Resomator is drained. IBU Declaration More information.

Considering the results of all sensitivity analyses it can be concluded that the assumed variations in the processes do not change substantially the general conclusions according to the original impact calculations for the base scenario. Due to the high concentrations of hazardous substances and the leachability of these, the waste is landfilled under special conditions.

Applying Knowledge Regional Economic Impact Analysis Summary In this activity, teachers present a lecture related to assessing regional economic impacts and students use this knowledge to. The last paragraph of this chapter discusses in short the other sensitivities which have not been quantitatively investigated Destination of remains The final destination of the remains influences the total environmental impact of a funeral.

Conversely, the production of the 1 Keijzer, E. These subjects are discussed shortly in this paragraph Methodology In this research, the results have been presented both weighted and unweighted. Cotton is used in the same way in the cremation route. For cryomation, it results mainly from the small wooden plaque that is applied as grave monument in the standard situation see paragraph for the sensitivity analysis on the specific material choice.

For this subject, the same principle was followed as in the previous sections; in the first place these results have been analyzed theoretically and afterwards there was no more reason for sensitivity analyses except for the ones that had already been performed Trends A last point of discussion is the sensitivity of the results for certain trends.

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An otherwise important consideration regarding technology coverage, is that for the two existing techniques the average Dutch situation has been assumed. Part III, Landfills underground deposits landfarming. Figure 6 Schematic overview of the resomation process. The ash destination options thereafter are numerous. Human, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicity is expressed in equivalents of 1,4-dichlorobenzene.

Traditionally, the policy debate on climate change has focused on the cost of emission mitigation, e.

Environmental impact of different funeral technologies – PDF

Freshwater aquatic ecotoxicity and marine aquatic ecotoxicity refer to handbpek effect of toxic compounds on freshwater aquatic ecosystems and marine aquatic ecosystems respectively. Even so the conclusions regarding the relative order do not change: Besides, there are some developments which might influence the results: However, this does not change the main conclusion about the sequence of the for funeral techniques.

Handboe, Introduction Life Cycle Thinking is being promoted among different sectors involved in product chains. One of the methods used hanvboek value environmental impacts, which is operationalized for a number of impact categories, is known as the shadow price method which uses the highest acceptable costs for mitigation measures as a valuation Harmelen ; CE High concentrations of nutrients can also make surface water unsuitable for use as drinking water.

Glasopor Cellular glass aggregate Product Ver.

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