Find great deals for Hammond Xm1 Drawbar Organ Midi Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. In the month when Keyboard Review magazine took a first look at the Hammond XM1 and its XMc1 drawbar controller unit, for example (August. Your Hammond XM-1 Drawbar Sound Module is designed to give you the true and authentic sound of Hammond Harmonic. Drawbars, as well as provide you a .

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The rack is put aside and almost all controls are on the remote module. But again, I believe Hammond misjudged what people were after. Our members also liked: It is for example a preset Leslie types and another types. After that, once you set one or more sound “type”, hsmmond can use the console zippers for adjusting the sound live.

All user reviews for the Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1

From memory, I seem to remember that you can store up to 5 settings including a single rotor Every B3 sounds slightly different, so while the emulation may not sound like one example, it could be as near as damn it to another. For specifications, say you have a hammond thanks hammoond a small box that you put on another synth.

Hwmmond Post Older Hammod Home. The XM1 is extremely flexible and if you’re prepared to spend a bit of time tinkering with the hidden parameters, it’s almost certain you’ll get very close to the Hammond sound that’s in your head. I had the opportunity to use the module with a real Leslie myand in this case, the result is very correct.

First I play a real Hammond. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. In contrast, in a vintage fender is happiness, a characteristic vibration of the 70’s and I do not have the chance to have a real leslie. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. When I used this module, it was mainly an organ with two midi keyboards, but this format keyboard for me today a bit short keyboards, tiny bracket.


The basic sound quality was and still is stunning. On the other hand, I use an electro north when I have no Hammond much more versatile, with Vox sounds, piano, rhodes, etc It was jazz all the way to preset 39, afterwhich things became fairly erratic.

But it must have its own amplification, do not go with the guitars and vocals on the same amp. It did appear by preset 30 that Hammond had seriously misjudged the market.

Hammond XM1 Organ Module | Planet Botch

Write a user review Ask for a user review. Incredibly, presets 1 to 20 were merely drawbar registrations, featuring no animation whatsoever. Log in Become a member. Look at the ingredients — the authentic drawbar tone, the amended Hwmmond, the percussion, the vibrato, and the most fantastic chorus… Many, many extremely tasty dishes were available.

I think the sounds are not bad but there must be sound volume to appreciate the color. With the presets and Leslie simulations set to my taste, I absolutely love the range of sounds.

User reviews: Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1 – Audiofanzine

Choose a rescente machine. To me, the effects loop would have been a more obvious inclusion than a Leslie driver socket. In short, everything is adjustable hammlnd almost controllable by noon sysex Possibility of desks XMC1 zippers. It suits hamomnd, I rarely play alone and this unit filled his role perfectly. Such a shame, because setting aside that chorus plus Leslie problem and a crying need for an effects loop, this was technically a pretty spectacular device.


Or something like that. Note that this material reliable, no crashes, no fault, although I used it regularly. Those sluggish Leslies, for example, were supposedly intended to replicate the effects of wear and tear.

Another weak point is a technical limitation: Leslie effects with several simulation models and adjust speeds and accelerations, etc. Finally, whatever you do enter a Leslie, the result is always good! The combination is very special indeed.

It was extremely difficult to imagine who, inwould turn to a Hammond organ module for a clarinet sound which sounded nothing like a clarinetwhen synth technology was so powerful and could do the job convincingly.

Did you find this review helpful? Biensur there are also ready-made sounds but I prefer real-time changes. You need a keyboard that responds quickly. True, the XM1 was expensive for an organ module, but time has shown it to be money very well hanmond. This module still has the advantage of using a pedal with a typical sound of the Hammond pedals, which is an advantage for me which I could not do with the electro north.

The rack is not a Moitier rack or a full rack is embettant to cram. Keyboardists everywhere were going overboard for anything analogue — provided it was digital, obviously.

I have one Leslie specifically set up for distortion sounds, with its volume subdued.

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