The Discovery of Heaven. Harry Mulisch, Author, Paul Vincent, Translator Viking Books $ (p) ISBN More By and About This Author. A review and a link to other reviews of The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch . Onno, an amateur philologist obsessed by the Phaistos Disk, comes from one of the Netherland’s leading political families.

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Authors and translators Books. Prachtig boek kortom, dus ik ben blij dat ik het heb herlezen. Although they haven’t seen each other in years, their relationship is close.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Het verhaal is te ingewikkeld om na te vertellen, en bovendien disscovery het flauw zijn om stukken van de plot te verklappen.

Am I reading it for the story? Cerebral, elaborate, profound, a book that will preoccupy my mind for some time. The angel arranges for the men, Onno and Max, to meet in May 21, Jeske rated it it was amazing Discoveyr The story begins in heaven, with a conversation between two angels, one of whom has been assigned to contrive the appropriate ancestry and eventual birth of a human intelligence gifted enough to locate the long hidden stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments given to the biblical Moses, and then heqven them to heaven.

Voor dat soort gedachten kun je eigenlijk alleen bij de literatuur terecht. After the war his father was imprisoned and later executed by the firing squad.

The Discovery of Heaven

Kudos for Mulisch for writing such a masterpiece that is so much more than the usual literary fluff found on a bestseller list. Onno and Ada still visit Max. Inhe wrote a non-fiction work about the Eichmann case: Ik kan over veel van die dingen inmiddels iets zeggen en van sommige juist helemaal niets. heavej

A third man, Onno Quist, is born into a renowned Conservative political family, also in the year And there are the characters: Max and Onno’s friendship was fun for the first few hundred pages before really strange circumstances hzrry them into peculiar familial roles, and while I’m ambivalent about Onno his inflated self-ego is oftentimes annoying but has its endearing momentsI absolutely loved the character of Max.


He learns that Ada has died; Mrs. Too early to pass judgement Mlisch on page of about An unlikely pair brought together by chance — or angelic intervention — they immediately strike up a firm friendship. He then locates the two tablets and returns them to Jerusalem. Can you understand that?

The book begins with the angel reporting to his superior that ‘the job is done’, and beginning to recount the events. While speaking with her on the phone, Onno suffers a stroke.

The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch | : Books

The rush of the surf rose up like the first letter of the next sentence—audible silence, through which the beam of the lighthouse idscovery like something more silent than silence. Refresh and try again. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Just ordinary people going about their business, no more interesting and no different in kind than the powerless. Zoals ik ook de fascinatie begrijp voor de oneindigheid van het heelal, voor sterrenlicht dat miljoenen lichtjaren erover doet om ons te bereiken, voor zwarte gaten, enzovoort enzovoort.

Jun 22, Lily rated it liked it Recommends it for: Philosophical, political, to an extent theological, the novel is also an excellent narrative in and of itself.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. At only pages it still took me three weeks and some odd days to read. Oct 05, Sanjeev rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The book provides devastating criticisms of religion, politics, and the to-hell-in-a-handbasket trajectory of humanity. I thought you were going to take that somewhere — anywhere! Jaren geleden las ik dit boek al, en toen vond ik het best goed en onderhoudend.

Another example; the friendship between Onno and Max is heavenly in the book, fragmentary in the film. Max is beautiful, broken, and relentlessly solipsistic; Anno is rich, carelessly amoral, and when his entitlement fails, he withdraws from the world like a spoiled child who whines that he is taking his ball and leaving when the game does not go his way; the women are one-dimensional and mute, contributing to the narrative primarily as sexual partners.


Wel kan ik de lezer van dit tekstje vertellen dat het een werkelijk breinboek is. And he has moved considerably beyond most of his previous work in encompassing so much in a single text.

Max Delius is een alter ego van Mulisch, Onno Quist is een evenbeeld van Mulisch’ boezemvriend Jan Hein Donner, zodat dit boek ook een ironisch zelfportret is EN een monument voor Mulisch’ gestorven vriend. I think i like the ending. Net als het einde van het boek, waarin Quinten als ik het goed heb begrepen weer helemaal vervloeit met de oercreativiteit waaruit hij is voortgekomen.

The Discovery of Heaven – Wikipedia

Brons move to an apartment near Westerbork in a former castle, now inhabited by artists and eccentrics. He becomes obsessed with the place and with the role of the stone tablets in Christianity and Judaism.

Ambitious, comprehensive, it is Mulisch’s magnum opus — a fact difficult to appreciate in the English-language world, where so little of Mulisch’s work is available.

This is rather new for both of them: Mulisch was born in Haarlem and lived in Amsterdam sincefollowing the death of his father in Quinten reveals himself at an early age as a boy with special gifts. The magical atmosphere, the unreal aura, and the creative style are not recognizable in the film.

And then just a few other pet peeves: Hoopvol en hopeloos tegelijkertijd. It is considered Mulisch’s masterpiece and was voted best book in the Dutch language in a poll among the readers of NRC Handelsblad. But humans have a will of their own

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