Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Kleine Scbriften, ed. Hartmann und die Musica Viva: Essays, bisber unveroffentlichte Briefe an Hartmann, Katalog (Munich, ). 7 A year later, Hartmann himself expressed similar sentiments to his long-time colleague, Hermann Scherchen.8 The Katalog (Munich: Piper, ), p. Karl Amadeus Hartmann. Untersuchungen zum Essays. Bisher unverofi’ entlichte Briefe an Hartmann. Katalog. Munich-Mainz. Weber, B. Wolfgang F.

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Our unique HydroTherapy treatment concept is just one example of our holistic innovation strategy. Our promise to go further for health means leading and innovating in professional and personal healthcare. We go further to improve the quality of life for those living with incontinence, further to support individuals with their personal healthcare, further for efficiency in risk prevention and further to develop easier and faster wound healing products. Leading an active life with incontinence.


Bladder weakness affects People both physically and psychologically, but there are ways to reduce its impact. There are a number of reasons why men and women of all ages suffer with bladder control problems.

Risk Prevention Our innovative single-use surgical and pre-surgical products minimise cross-contamination. Reducing the risk of wound infections with disposable produotkatalog clothing. Find out how single-use operating theatre clothing and drapes prevent germ transfer and how they compare to reusable materials. Reducing surgical site infection and improving teamwork and communication are both crucial factors produ,tkatalog improving patient safety.

Wound Management Our unique HydroTherapy treatment concept is just one example of our holistic innovation strategy.

Management of chronic wounds. Recognise the early signs of chronic wounds and discover the benefits of hydrotherapy during the healing process. Find out how wet treatment therapy produktkataoog benefitting both patients with chronic wounds and the healthcare professionals that look after them.

Access Produkte

Teamwork is key to reducing human error and improving patient safety in OR’s. Travel can seem daunting to people with mild incontinence.


An innovative technology that facilitates wound healing progression. Incontinence is a term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder urinary incontinence or bowel motion, faeces or wind from the bowel faecal or bowel incontinence. HILMAS is a web-based software solution making continence management easier through automated ordering, cost control and optimised product use.

Taking ideas into the future.

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