Hawkmoon RPG is obviously based on the four books by Michael Moorcock that form the cycle The History of the Runestaff. Like Stormbringer. Hawkmoon RPG: Science & Sorcery in Earth’s Far Future (Boxed Set) [Kerie Campbell-Robson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The warrior called Hawkmoon was once an assassin sent to kill Count Brass, his Starting the Eternal Champion RPG line, Hawkmoon takes players to our.

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Jagreen Lern is the Theocrat of Pan Tang, presiding over this nightmare land. And the fact that Dorian’s shadow doesn’t hang over the world is a goof thing from a gaming perspective.

This book contains two sections: There are also many new illustrations and statistics, several new spells, and other source materials. Adventures — Strange apparitions haunt the city of Raschil.

RPG Retrospective: Hawkmoon

Casting a spell like Acid requires a workbench — a restriction which would seem to make the other restrictions range Touch, haekmoon time 5 minutes totally irrelevant. Contains numerous adventures set on the Tragic Millennium Earth.

Special rules are provided for chariots, for Sorcery, Contriving and other arcane arts, and for creating other planes of the Multiverse. JD December 1, at The Temple of the Eternal Flame lurks in the fiery heart of an ancient volcano.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Hawkmoon

Other nations of the Rog Kingdoms already plot against Melnibone, and soon hawwkmoon plots bring war. I wish I could put my finger on just why that is. Four pages of player pullouts provide the players with all the information they need to start playing the scenarios. Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln, is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion and the sworn enemy of the foul Granbretan empire.


Recent and Coming Soon products indicate an early printing date.

Hawkmoon (role-playing game)

Description [ edit prg Hawkmoon is a science-fantasy system based on Michael Moorcock ‘s ” Runestaff ” and ” Count Brass ” series; linked with the Stormbringer game in the “Eternal Champion” series. He was not known to waste his time on trifles. There are maps, and a lovely cover by Frank Brunner.

Tigers walk among men and feed when they please. Soon a new emperor will come to the Ruby Throne, and rescue Melnibone from its dotage. I really wish I understood my ambivalence toward it. His homeland was ravaged, his people were murdered, and the twisted scientists of Granbretan sought to enslave Duke Dorian’s mind – thus the Jewel in the Skull.

The gamemaster is provided with extensive information on the governments, cultures, and environments of the various lands which Freyda must visit while following Elric’s trail, including Nadsokor, Org, and Karlaak of the Jade Towers. Avalon Hill is proud to present this exciting saga as a game for all hwkmoon enjoy.

RPG Retrospective: Hawkmoon – Department V

However, hawkmon of them match up to the Cornelius Chronicles. The small Duchy of the Kamarg, ruled by the noble Count Brass has managed to endure the endless sieges and plots unleashed by Granbretan against that rogue state. Closing What a disappointment.

ISBN Buy at Amazon A Sailor on the Seas of Fate “Elric of Melnibone, last of the emperors of a once mighty land, self-exiled bearer of the sword of power called Stormbringer, found a ship waiting for him on the misty seacoast of an alien land.

Haakmoon also sometimes write about fantasy and science-fiction films, novels, art, and the like. A Paladin In Citadel. Players must carefully gauge the effect of their magics upon the Balance, for a tip too far toward one or the other heralds the end of the world – either stagnating in perfect order or strangling on eternal change. Adventures Through the Multiverse “The multiverse is a complex system of intertwined universes, each unique, with peculiar physical laws, varying influences of the gods ahwkmoon Law and Chaos, and differing in the degree to which the use of magic and technology are hawkmpon.


All of this is moot of course since there will be no more EC products from Mongoose. Otherwise, the rules are very similar to those in Stormbringerjust not as comprehensive.

It was treated in many ways as a standard post-holocaust setting – nuclear bunkers, ancient armoured personnel carriers, all the signs of a lost 20th century world – whereas the ancient tech in the books is all giant clockwork baboons and mind-control jewels that eat your brain. Chaosium continued to publish Moorcockian games long rpt Hawkmoon. The gleaming city of Imrryr, ancient capital of the Golden Empire which ruled the world for over 10, years.

We learn the origin of the Young Kingdoms and the great rebellion of Vil Valario, the ways of the people, histories, products, and attitudes, customs and holidays, provinces and towns, and important leaders.

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